My Goals for the Summer

Hello, fellow readers and writers!

This week I thought I’d go ahead and inform y’all of some of my goals for the summer known since I don’t get a break like most other students. I’ll be working on a series of books as well as publishing my second novel and attending summer school. I’m going full time for summer I and II while working my student worker job and taking on a six-month internship.

Busy, busy, busy!

Writing Goals:

  • Escape has been professionally editing and the last touches are going on the novel. I’m planning on getting some awesome advertising out there as I look for ARC readers and pre-order buyers! There will be an opportunity to win a signed copy of either No Expectations or Escape if the book is pre-ordered with proof of purchase. So I’ll be very excited about that!
  • I’m writing a new series. There will be four books involved and they’ll all center around the idea of not being prepared for what life throws at us. It’ll be called the Not Series, and I’ll be releasing more information about it soon! Planning a series takes so much longer than planning one book so please have patience with me!
  • Blogging will become a little more difficult for me in the coming months, but I’ll try to always stay-on-top and ahead of schedule. If I begin falling behind, some of my old posts might become what’s advertised as I catch back up. Once again, please have patience!

School Goals:

I’m a fucking dork when it comes to school, so please ignore this section if you don’t feel like dealing with my excitement over taking my major classes. Here’s my list of classes:

  • Advanced Social Media will be taken in summer I and I’m so excited to learn more about the online world. In spring, I took Digital & Online Media which was a lot of fun and it helped me a lot with starting this blog and using different tools to make it more successful. I’m still lacking in the social media realm so it’ll be beneficial to learn what I can during this class!
  • Theory of Mass Communication will be taken in summer I as well and I’m glad it’ll be an online class. It could be helpful to have a teacher I see in person each day, but I know self-directed learning can sometimes be easier if you’re good at organizing your time. Usually, I am, so we’ll see.
  • PR Research will be taken during summer II and it’s another online class. PR isn’t one of my main interests when it comes to mass communication, but I know anything I learn will be important when it comes to marketing myself or finding someone else to market me, especially during my internship.
  • Media Law & Ethics will be taken during summer II as well and this will be a class I physically have to attend. I hope my teacher is awesome because the idea of memorizing laws and ethical codes doesn’t sound too interesting, but I’m still hopeful that I’ll learn some important stuff.

Work Goals:

I work as a student worker on campus and I use most of my time on the clock to finish reading books for my book reviews, complete my homework, or get some writing done. I haven’t completely decided if I’ll stay with the job once my internship starts because I know making money another way would be impossible until I graduate in December. We’ll see what I can do to make it all work because I don’t really want to give anything important to me up.

Internship Goals:

I’ll be working with a PR company based out of Austin. They work exclusively with authors so I’m incredibly excited to work with them. I feel that anything I learn during this six-month period will be very beneficial to my future in this field whether I go full-time self-employed writer or end up working for a company. Either way, I want writing to be my main focus at any job.

In a way, this summer will become the deciding factor on where my future will go in the upcoming school year. Fall will be my last semester of college (if everything goes right), and then I’ll be sent off into the real world, kicking and screaming as I make my way as an adult.

Thanks for reading!

As always, I have an Instagram, Twitter, Facebook page and group, and an email subscription list with an awesome newsletter!

Until next time! šŸ™‚

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