No Expectations

No Expectations

He’s everything and more. I wish he saw me as more than just some kid. I wish I knew what to say to make him notice me. But I’m too late, the moment passed and he’s gone.


Without school as a distraction, I’m lonely as hell. No boyfriend this year. No friends. All I had were my dogs and my customers. Then he noticed me. I was invisible at home but seen by his soft knowing eyes. He’d pierced my soul with a glance and a simple question before he showed me what it felt like to be wanted. Maybe I could grow up and become a woman worthy of him after all.


Spending the holidays alone shouldn’t have felt this devastating. How could I still not enjoy my own company? Maybe I’ve depended on my family too much. They should be able to live their own lives for a few days. I could manage. Besides, how could I fall apart when she was right there? Her sweet innocent eyes looked into mine and I knew she’d take the loneliness away. I would do anything to keep her coming back.

**No Expectations is a standalone romance novel filled with sweet moments, some humor, and forbidden romance. 18+ required as there are explicit sex scenes. Guaranteed HEA.**

“It flows beautifully. I love how you bring out Emilia’s and Stephen’s insecurities as well as their boldness. Your characters are realistic and you provide them with a couple of good twists in the end.” – Inkitt Reader

“I couldn’t stop reading after I started. I felt the plot, felt the characters emotions, I could picture the scenery, those are all things that I love to experience when reading a book. I definitely recommend.” – Inkitt Reader

“The moment I started reading this I found it difficult to put it down – reading all the way to the end. It captured my attention from the very first page and continued to do so throughout the book as it alternates between viewpoints of the two main characters.” – Inkitt Reader

“I really loved it. The character’s style was defined, clear and beautifully written, bringing breaks and new aspects to the story. I especially loved the ending, and Layla was really sweet all the way through. Also, you wrote in a very realistic tone, which I found added a lot to the book.” – Inkitt Reader

“Three sittings was all it took. I love a good romance and this is it.” – Inkitt Reader