Sidecar Crush by Claire Kingsley with Lucy Score

Hello, fellow readers and writers!

I received another ARC from my fav author Claire Kingsley. This novel series is a collaboration project with her good author friend and another fantastic writer, Lucy Score. The first in the series is called Whiskey Chaser, a book I reviewed a few weeks ago and absolutely loved.

This novel is a new release, coming out TODAY! Yes, that’s right. TODAY. So definitely jump on it as soon as you finish this review and get yourself a copy of a guaranteed great weekend read 🙂

Sidecar Crush (Bootleg Springs Book 2) by Claire Kingsley with Lucy Score



We’re back in Bootleg Springs where talk about the missing girl has been circling around town, making Jameson Bodine more of a recluse than usual. The only person with the power to get him out and about is Leah Mae Larkin and her temporary return back home to visit her sick father. After all these years, they never thought that spark between them could so quickly come back. A year of friendship with a decade of distance makes these two make the most of their time together.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Leah Mae’s fiance at the beginning of this novel, Kelvin, was a super tool-bag and I hated him! Bootleg justice!!
  • Leah Mae’s mother made like zero appearances in the novel, not even a conversation that helped her move forward in any way. If she had been dead, it wouldn’t have made much of a difference.

What I Liked:

  • Bootleg justice!! I cannot get enough and can’t wait to see how it’s used in future novels. Seriously, I was laughing and hooting too hard at it.
  • Love all of the Bodines, especially Scarlett from Whiskey Chaser! She still had me laughing, and she played a significant role in this novel as well. I’m interested to see how involved she is in future books.
  • There wasn’t much sex in this book, but I didn’t feel like I missed it. Jameson and Leah Mae were just so cute together and watching their bashful interactions throughout were entertainment enough. I had butterflies in my stomach right along with them.
  • Gibson shows his sensitive side in this novel, and I’m so excited to get his story! I’m not sure who is next, though, but I’m eagerly waiting.


Absolutely loved it! I’m excited for the next in this series, but I’m also eagerly waiting for the next Miles Family book by Claire Kingsley as well! Not sure which series I love more at this point.

Thanks for reading!

Have you read Lucy Score or Claire Kingsley before? Are you interested in reading Whiskey Chaser?

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Check out my review for Whiskey Chaser and links to get started on the series!

Until next time 🙂

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