From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

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This Sunday I’ll be reviewing Mariana Zapata’s most recent release. It’s not super recent, considering it’s been sitting in my TBR list for way too long, but she hasn’t come out with another novel since so I’d still say it’s roughly new for her.

I have read almost all of her novels, excluding one of her very early works. I feel in love with her when I read Wait For It. After that, I started going back and reading what else she’s written and then kept tabs on what she’s released since. She doesn’t publish incredibly often, but her novels are always worth the wait.

From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata



To Jasmine Santos, figure skating is everything. It’s not some cute hobby she picked up as a child. It’s life. It’s everything in the world that makes sense to her. But the fact that she’s getting older means her window to compete is getting smaller. She feels it happening and there’s not much she can do to change that. Until a certain colleague gives her an offer she can’t refuse. Even if it drives her absolutely insane to work beside him, Jasmine knows she has to give Ivan Lukov a chance. Even if it might kill her.

What I Didn’t Like:

Honestly? Nothing. I knew what I was getting myself into when I picked this novel up so it wasn’t a shocker to me that I would absolutely love it. I wish she would add more steamy or sex scenes to her novels, but I don’t ever feel that they lack without it. I just enjoy the spice in most novels, and when she does write a scene, it’s freaking hot as hell. But I love her writing without it as well. Her stories are always sweet with great character development.

What I Liked:

  • All of the figure skating talk. I’ve always been interested, but I don’t know much about the sport besides what I’ve seen on TV. Zapata usually writes sports into her romances, so I was incredibly impressed with her ability to truly make us feel how important figure skating is to Jasmine and Ivan throughout the novel.
  • Her ability to make Ivan seem totally unlikable at the beginning and then give us fuel slowly throughout the novel to see him differently. His annoying qualities didn’t disappear, but it only adds to the other parts of his personality Jasmine begins to love.
  • Getting more of Aaron from Dear Aaron! Another amazing novel from Zapata that was told in a totally different way I hadn’t seen before. It was awesome to see the progression of their relationship through the eyes of other characters.
  • I absolutely loved the ending too.


Another great read from Mariana Zapata. I wouldn’t just be saying that either. She really does blow me away each time and challenges what I previously thought I liked about romance novels. I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for a new author out there who will make you desperately fall in love and not want it to end.

Thanks for reading!

Have you read Mariana Zapata before? Are you interested in checking her out? If you need more ways to reach her, check out her website, Facebook, or mailing list.

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