One Baby Daddy by Meghan Quinn

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I’m so excited to share my thoughts on the final installment in the Dating by Numbers series! Unfortunately, I had to push these novels back on my TBR because SO many amazing novels came out around the same time! I’m glad I finally got the time to read and review them. Check out my other two reviews as well of Three Blind Dates and Two Wedding Crashers.

One Baby Daddy by Meghan Quinn


Hayden is pissed off. His team just lost the last game of the season, and he gave a player from the other team something to cry about. After refusing to apologize and deciding he needs a vacation, he heads home to visit one of his good friends where he meets Adalyn. She’s sassy, hard-working, and breathtakingly beautiful. He’s ready to dedicate his time in town to her, and he doesn’t want their relationship to end there. Adalyn feels differently, though, wanting to protect her heart at all costs.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Adalyn pissed me off so much in about 1/4 of this story! At first, I really liked her, and then I related with her hardships, and then she super pissed me off. I needed that HEA like no other!
  • Adalyn’s friendship with one of her guy friends went way too far. There’s no way she could have been that oblivious to hurting someone else, even if Quinn did her best to explain her behavior. Adalyn was still totally wrong.

What I Liked:

  • Hayden is such a sweetheart. He went through so much to even begin talking to Adalyn and then he took their relationship super seriously. He was almost too perfect for a portion of the book before his flaws came to the surface.
  • When that HEA finally hit, I was so relieved and excited about it. I wanted so much more of it because I needed it that bad!
  • There was a good balance of humor, sweetness, sexiness, and some frustration to keep you reading and invested in the story.


This novel was a great end to the series. I also enjoyed the cameos from some of Quinn’s other novel series. She has a new military romance coming out next, and I’m very excited about it.

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