Three Blind Dates by Meghan Quinn

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This week’s #FridayReads post is dedicated to Meghan Quinn for the first installment of her most recent series, Dating by Numbers. Expect a review from the second installment soon as I’m so excited to read the next hero’s story!

Meghan Quinn is an expert at romantic comedies. I found her a while ago when she wrote Co-Wrecker and then followed her through that series. They make me laugh and I truly feel for the characters, especially the heroes. She writes them perfectly, even their flaws are swoony. So I would suggest looking into her if you haven’t already!

Three Blind Dates (Dating by Numbers Series Book 1) by Meghan Quinn



Noely is tired of waiting for her Prince Charming to magically appear. She wants to take charge and make that special once-in-a-lifetime love happen for herself, so she signs up for an expert dating service. They guarantee they’ll most likely match her with the perfect suitor on the first try, but why does she still keep going on dates? And why are they all amazing? How is a woman supposed to choose, especially when they don’t all seem as perfect as she had originally thought?

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Sometimes Noely was the epitome of what society would deem as normal lonely woman behavior. She followed a lot of stereotypes when it came to women, and she was sometimes hypocritical in those moments. Her personality made for comedic moments, but sometimes I found it hard to relate to her.
  • I wanted more male POV!! We get it at the end (no skipping ahead, ladies), but before that, we’re left only seeing things from Noely’s POV. I understand why that was done, but adding her name under each chapter title confused me at first, because the POV never really switched.

What I Liked:

  • All of the male suitors. I was falling in love with each of them for different reasons before their reveal that each one isn’t as perfect as they seemed. The Suit, The Rebel, and The Jock. You can imagine the scenarios for these characters.
  • I loved how religiously Quinn stuck to the You’ve Got Mail plot! She made many references and it ended up being a huge part of the last half of the story. Great foreshadowing and use of the story.
  • The sex scenes were off the chain. I wish there had been some more, especially with certain characters, but I can understand why withdrawing from that was important for Noely’s character and the story. The story also wasn’t hurt by the lack of sex scenes as the entire thing was interesting and I wanted to know who she was going to end up with.


I loved it. It was a totally different kind of story, and I think Quinn has always been great about giving us something unique. Her personality is poured into the pages of each of her novels, and I love being a part of her world. Each of these suitors are going to get their own story as well, and I’m very excited about that. Ready for book two!!

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