What happened to authormadisondiaz?

Hello, readers and writers! The short answer is a lot! This past summer has been incredibly busy. Like ridiculously busy and dramatic, filled with all kinds of personal issues and turmoils that are finally starting to turn around now. My life It's changed a lot. I live in a completely different city now and have… Continue reading What happened to authormadisondiaz?


Bullet Journaling Has Changed My Life

Hello, readers and writers! Sorry I have been MIA for a few weeks! I've been doing everything I can to launch my Kickstarter campaign for my next release which has taken up most of the free time I had for blogging and reading. Honestly, it's bee a tragedy, but this campaign is very important, and… Continue reading Bullet Journaling Has Changed My Life


How To Battle Insecurities in Writing

Hello, readers and writers! This week I'm covering the insecurities we all feel while pursuing a career in writing. Our craft isn't a simple road to go down, and it's one that's often challenged by many outside forces. We may have limited support from friends and family while also battling the realism of life. Real… Continue reading How To Battle Insecurities in Writing