Hothead by Stella Rhys

Hello, readers and writers! I cannot believe I waited so long to read this novel. I had thought her previous release was the final installment in her series, but I was totally wrong! I wasn't expecting this story, and I loved reading this antihero's story! Stella Rhys has done such an amazing job of combining… Continue reading Hothead by Stella Rhys


Blogger Spotlight: Romance University

Hello, readers and writers! This week I'll be discussing an awesome romance website I found while researching some plotting advice. I believe it's good practice while writing romance to not only read novels but to also research romance blogs and websites as much as possible. My goal for this blog is to include more of… Continue reading Blogger Spotlight: Romance University


What Does Romance Mean to an Artist? (Interview)

Hello, romance lovers! Today, I'll be posting a video I made for my Digital & Online Media class where I had to interview someone in relation to the content I have here on my blog. I decided to interview my bestie, Emily Penhollow, because she is a hopeless romantic like me. Instead of expressing that… Continue reading What Does Romance Mean to an Artist? (Interview)