How I Balance College and Writing

Hello, lovely readers and writers! Lately, I've been struggling to figure out what blog posts I should write besides reviews. I would categorize my blog as me sharing personal experience more than informing or teaching readers anything new, and I've been wondering if I need to change my focus. So my blog might change in… Continue reading How I Balance College and Writing


Selfie Progression of 2018 – Life Update

Hey, guys! So today I'll be sharing some personal photos with all of you. These photos happen to be selfies as I've taken to adding more of them after creating my Instagram account. I've felt it was important to take a photo each day, and sometimes that means simply taking a photo of myself, especially… Continue reading Selfie Progression of 2018 – Life Update

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It’s spring, and guess what?

The birds are chirping, the bugs are returning, and my dog won't stop whining to go outside. Yikes! Looks like it's spring, and it's time for some spring cleaning for my online presence. Please do not make fun of the fall season in my featured photo because I really just loved the template, thank you.… Continue reading It’s spring, and guess what?