Gaining Miles by Claire Kingsley

Hello, readers and writers! Sadly, the Miles Family Series is coming to an end! You can find more of my reviews on each novel by searching Claire Kingsley on my blog or checking my Suggestions page. I would highly recommend this series as I loved each of the heroes and heroines on their journey. Gaining… Continue reading Gaining Miles by Claire Kingsley


My Evolution Into the World of Romance

Hello, readers and writers! I'm updating an older post this week because oldies can still be goodies, right? Over the last year since I started this blog, I've grown as a writer, media influencer, and graphic designer. That's not to say I'm a professional offering these services for money or anything, but they help me… Continue reading My Evolution Into the World of Romance


Happy New Year! Top Ten Reads of 2018

Hello, readers and writers!Welcome to 2019 where we have all decided we're going to live differently than we did in 2018, right? I've definitely made that resolution as I'm no longer an undergrad and I'll be focusing on making money through freelancing. That means months and months of FREE labor to make it happen, but… Continue reading Happy New Year! Top Ten Reads of 2018