Blogger Spotlight: WOW! Women On Writing

Hello, readers and writers! About a year ago, I did a blogger spotlight on a wonderful blog called WOW! Women on Writing. This site had caught my attention because I loved their message and the fact that they are all about supporting women in the writing industry. Their posts can span from: interviewsguest postswriting tipsand… Continue reading Blogger Spotlight: WOW! Women On Writing


Personality Theories: Developing Complex Characters

Hello, readers and writers! This week's post is about the Myers-Briggs Personality Test and how it can be used as inspiration for different characters. Some writers might find it silly to search the internet for personality types to apply to their characters. But this could be a great tool for others who have been actively… Continue reading Personality Theories: Developing Complex Characters


Merry Christmas!! – Giveaways and Sales

Happy Holidays, everyone! I have some amazing offers for you all during the next week (Dec. 23-30), and I'd love to share them with you!First, there are two giveaways happening for my novels No Expectations and Escape. Check out the links for them here:No Expectations Giveaway:¬†https://tinyurl.com/yd5m8rwmEscape Giveaway:¬†https://tinyurl.com/y764unedSecond, both ebooks are on sale for $0.99, so… Continue reading Merry Christmas!! – Giveaways and Sales