Hidden Miles by Claire Kingsley

Hello, readers and writers! Sadly, the Miles family series is coming to an end. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of Hidden Miles, and it was such a sweet story. I'm looking forward to the novella coming after with an extra epilogue. I would definitely suggest jumping on board with these novels if… Continue reading Hidden Miles by Claire Kingsley


How To Battle Insecurities in Writing

Hello, readers and writers! This week I'm covering the insecurities we all feel while pursuing a career in writing. Our craft isn't a simple road to go down, and it's one that's often challenged by many outside forces. We may have limited support from friends and family while also battling the realism of life. Real… Continue reading How To Battle Insecurities in Writing


My Evolution Into the World of Romance

Hello, readers and writers! I'm updating an older post this week because oldies can still be goodies, right? Over the last year since I started this blog, I've grown as a writer, media influencer, and graphic designer. That's not to say I'm a professional offering these services for money or anything, but they help me… Continue reading My Evolution Into the World of Romance