Life Update: February 2019

Hello readers and writers! Anyone else having a stressful 2019 so far? Since the new year, I've been incredibly busy trying to finish my manuscript for my next novel while keeping myself financially stable. That's surprisingly difficult when you find yourself working 36 hours a week basically for free, so I realized some things needed… Continue reading Life Update: February 2019


Finding Influences in the People Around You

Hello, readers and writers! This week's post will focus on the aspect of searching for inspiration in the relationships we hold. Every character springs from a combination of everything the author knows about that "type" of person. They draw connections between the character's past and how that can translate into their actions, wants, and overall… Continue reading Finding Influences in the People Around You


Allow Me to Properly Re-Introduce Myself

Hello, readers and writers! Some of you might already know me from following my blog or social media pages, but for those of you who don't: Hi, it's nice to meet you! My name is Madison Diaz and I'm a recent college graduate who's been running this blog for about a year. I've run into… Continue reading Allow Me to Properly Re-Introduce Myself