Happy New Year! Top Ten Reads of 2018

Hello, readers and writers! Welcome to 2019 where we have all decided we’re going to live differently than we did in 2018, right? I’ve definitely made that resolution as I’m no longer an undergrad and I’ll be focusing on making money through freelancing. That means months and months of FREE labor to make it happen,… Continue reading Happy New Year! Top Ten Reads of 2018


How Often Do You Reread Books?

Hello, readers and writers! Lately, I’ve been having a hard time reading something new! I have summer school, writing, a student worker job, and I just started an internship. Having no time to read definitely isn’t ideal because I love reading so much, and I enjoy writing my reviews to catalog the amazing books I’ve… Continue reading How Often Do You Reread Books?


Authors: Pippa Grant R.S. Grey Karina Halle Staci Hart A.M. Johnson Claire Kingsley Sara Ney Kathryn Nolan Meghan Quinn Stella Rhys Kennedy Ryan Lucy Score Jade West Mariana Zapata