Book Review: Hidden Waters by Catherine Cowles

Hello, readers!

This is the third novel in the Tattered and Torn series by Catherine Cowles. This series is my first time exploring her, and I enjoy her writing. I also enjoyed this book!

Synopsis: Beckett finally returns home after years saving lives abroad. He’s ready to connect with his family again and become the town’s family doctor. He expects resentment and tension within his family after everything they’ve been through, but he doesn’t expect to grow feelings for his unexpected roommate.

Addie is still trying to find her footing in the world outside her dad’s property. She’s been locked away and tortured for most of her life, and now she’s finally living freely. Striving for independence, Addie tries finding a job that’ll hire her without much work experience or an education — and she finds her calling, especially in the arms of a man she didn’t see coming.

Story: I found the story compelling and wanted to keep reading. One thing I like about this series is that I never expect who the criminal ends up being, and this one shocked me as well. I held off on starting the next novel though because the MCs are people who were barely mentioned in this novel, so the setup for them wasn’t well done.

Characters: I like Addie and Beckett. Cowles writes frustrating FMCs, but that’s okay. Sometimes conflict wouldn’t happen if characters were frustrating, reckless, or stupid. But Addie did frustrate me a few times, and Becketts protectiveness turned me off occasionally. But for the most part I enjoyed them.

Spice Scenes: This book was the spiciest out of the series so far. I enjoyed their exploration with one another and the growing tension from the beginning.


  • Compelling story.
  • Interesting characters.
  • Didn’t seem certain plot points coming — was thoroughly surprised.


  • The characters were stereotypical at certain points.
  • The following book wasn’t setup well in this novel, making me not even want to read it.

Book Rating: 4/5

Spice Level: 3/5

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