Falling Embers by Catherine Cowles

I decided to continue the Tattered and Torn series by Catherine Cowles by reading the second novel, and I enjoyed it so much. I’ve jumped right into book #3, but I’ll share some of my thoughts from this book.

I got a copy from Libby and downloaded it to my kindle.

Synopsis: Hadley is a bit of a daredevil. Her entire family has made her feel guilty for her love of the chase. She can become so pent up with unresolved emotions that she has to jump on her bike or skateboard and let the wind take her. The person who first introduced her to the risky way of life is the same man who started holding her back.

Calder’s daughters are his entire world. He worries about them constantly, ensuring they’re safe at all times. Hadley wants him to loosen the reins, but that would mean he’d have to admit bad things can happen to the people he loves. That includes the woman he’s had feelings for most of his life. There’s only one way to keep her in his life: by letting her live freely.

Story: The external conflict was intense. I highly enjoyed the drama and the twists and turns of the story. I legitimately didn’t expect one of the big twists toward the end which made me want to jump right into the next book in the series.

Characters: Hadley was cool and strong-willed. The conflict she had with her family was well-done, and I felt for her so many times in the book. She was stubborn but not too much to where it was annoying.

Calder is a sweet dad and a good partner. He had to learn how to let Hadley be herself, and he slowly grew to embrace that riskier side of herself. He also wasn’t overbearing like many romance heroes. He was the perfect amount of protective and supportive.

Spice Scenes: They were spicier than book 1! I’m unsure what to rate it as, but they’re more descriptive. There was also a desperation between them that was super hot.


  • Good sex scenes
  • Solid external plot
  • Twists and turns I didn’t see coming
  • Challenging family dynamics


  • Can’t say I have any, tbh. I liked everything about this book.

Book Rating: 5/5

Spice Level: 3/5

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