Enticing the Scrooge by Jessa Kane

I was looking for more Christmas books to reading leading up to the holiday, so I picked up this novella by Jessa Kane. I’ve only recent discovered her, but I love her books because they are entertaining, smutty, and intense. A friend of mine described her books as a “fever dream,” which usually draws me in.

Synopsis: Edison Scrooge is the great-grandson of Ebenezer Scrooge. He is in line to inherit the fortune passed down through the generations, but one stipulation keeps him from fully gaining access to the funds – a legitimate marriage.

Edison has never shown interest in dating or love. He thinks the idea of it is preposterous. He’s unkind, greedy, and stingy. He wishes to only choose a wife to gain fortune and create an heir. Besides that, he’s not looking for love. That is until he meets Blessing.

Blessing is a peasant panhandling for cash on Christmas Eve for the children of the orphanage. Edison sees her outside his window and is overcome with desire. He runs outside to meet the mysterious woman just in time to save her from the unbearable cold. They are instantly hot for one another, and Edison wants her as his wife. But there’s one major problem with this plan – Blessing chooses only to marry someone for love.

Story: For a novella, the story was rather compelling. The thing about Jessa Kane is that none of these stories could happen in the real world. They are often extreme and intense, where the main characters act like animals in heat. That trend followed into this book, and I enjoyed how insane the story got at specific points.

Characters: I liked that Edison and Blessing were the antitheses of one another, and that stayed true throughout the book. We all know the story of A Christmas Carol and that Ebenezer learns about the spirit of Christmas, so something similar happens here. However, Edison still remains relatively similar to himself. I enjoyed their progression in the story.

Spice Scenes: The spice levels were off the charts in this. It was dirty, kinky, and unhinged. I had to send screenshots to my friends because of how naughty and crazy this book got. I enjoyed it all, but this is for people who enjoy smutty smut.


  • Extremely smutty but went with story
  • Unhined Jessa Kane as usual
  • Lots of dirty talk and crazy situations
  • Intriguing story


  • Short – so not much development beyond a novella
  • Don’t really have many cons because what I expected was delivered

Book Rating: 4/5

Spice Level: 5/5

Overall, I recommend this novella to people looking for a naughty read. All Jessa Kane novellas have the craziest scenarios, and the things that happen are definitely worthy of discussion. Do not expect a sweet, heart-filled story. This is filth in the best way.

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