Tangled in Tinsel by Trilina Pucci

Hello, reader friends!

I decided to read a reverse harem (RH) book for Christmas, and I’d seen Trilina Pucci’s posts on Instagram, which inspired me to give it a try. I haven’t read many RH romance books, but I do enjoy them when I do read them. They’re usually super naughty and kinky, but they can often miss some deeper elements I enjoy in full-length novels. I usually prefer poly romances over RH because there are fewer characters and more time for development.

Tangled in Tinsel is a novella, so there wasn’t much room for extra content either way. The fact that it was so short also drew me in because I knew I could read it between books, as reading can often be challenging over the holidays. So, here is my review.

Synopsis: Samantha is a few decorations away from enjoying her holiday weekend. She needs to finish preparing her clients’ cabin for their Christmas party the following weekend. Plans change when her best friend calls and informs her a winter storm is on the way, closing all highways and major roads on the way. Samantha realizes she’s snowed in with her four clients, and they’re eyeing her like she’s a delicious piece of meat, and they’re all starving.

There’s no way this could be how it seems. They’re flirting with her, taking turns teasing her, and she fears her fantasy might be forming into something much bigger than she ever imagined. To her surprise, it’s not all in her head, and they’re eager to share.

Story: I enjoyed the story overall, but I did feel like Pucci could have used an editor for some lines and scenes. The book was light-hearted and fun. The characters were funny, and some situations made me smile, laugh, or giggle. Samantha being caught at her boss’s cabin was a creative way to set the status quo, so watching the events unfold from that situation was intriguing. I wish it would have been a little longer or that the initial hookup was shorter because the end felt rushed.

Characters: The characters were pretty good. Seems standard for RH that all the men would have completely different personalities, and Pucci pulled that off well. The info dump at the beginning wasn’t as appreciated, but the story kept me engaged and entertained once we were past that. Pucci also chose not to describe Samantha so all women could put themselves in her shoes, which was an interesting choice, but I wish she could have just been described.

Spice Scenes: The spicy scenes were great. They were delicious and varied highly. They were naughty and dirty and kinky. They also slowly progressed to specific parts of the book, and every male character got a special moment with the female character.


  • Great steam scenes
  • Fun, quick story
  • Funny and entertaining
  • Swoony heroes


  • Starts with an info dump
  • Could have used a second pair of eyes
  • The resolution felt too short

Book Rating: 3/5

Spice Level: 5/5

Overall, I recommend this book to anyone wanting a quick, smutty read. Some “good girl” scenes were great. It’s not super common to run into those. The story didn’t have much substance, but it also wasn’t all sex either. There was a nice balance of humor, story, and smut.

Thanks for reading! You can find me on Instagram for now. More ways to connect are coming soon!


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