Give Me More by Sara Cate

Give Me More by Sara Cate was published on June 16, 2022, and the story featured an MMF throuple that excited polyamorous fans around the globe. I might be a bit dramatic with that, but I know me and my smutty friends really enjoyed this novel, and I even screamed at certain points out of pure excitement. I read the book through Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

Give Me More by Sara Cate

Synopsis: Hunter and Drake have been best friends for most of their lives. They’ve been attached at the hip since childhood which is why Drake serves as a consistent third wheel for Hunter and his wife Isabel. Drake believes they’re the perfect couple and that he could never find someone who completes him the same way they complete each other.

But Drake can’t serve as their third wheel forever. He’ll eventually need to settle down with his own spouse one day. The idea of that makes Hunter irrationally uncomfortable. He finds himself wishing for things he shouldn’t like sharing his wife with his best friend so he doesn’t have to lose him, but is that really all it is?

What I Liked: Well, one, I love polyamorous romance novels if they’re done right, and Cate did an amazing job with this story. She has another novel I’ve adored called Free Fall that I should eventually review on this blog, and this novel had similar elements while being less angsty than the previous MMF book she published. I enjoyed the dynamic between the three characters and the drama as they navigated these new feelings they were all having.

I enjoyed the MM stuff so much which is usually my favorite thing about MMF. Bi-awakening is such a particular angle for these stories to go, and I enjoy seeing these characters experience a “first” in a way that isn’t just losing one’s virginity. The reader gets the added detail of the character learning more about themselves as a person as they realize their sexuality.

The smut in this book was seriously so good. I had a hard time putting it down once it started. There’s a moment about halfway through where I was screaming and touching my cheeks because I just could not believe what was happening. I highly recommend it for people who enjoy MMF romances, especially as the MM aspect begins to grow and develop.

What I Didn’t Like: Hunter took a long time to come around and realize his feelings. He behaved like a jerk multiple times, and it felt as if he just continued to fuck up to create conflict in the story. If there had been a stronger external conflict, then it wouldn’t have been on his shoulders only to create tension and pain for the three characters together.

Overall: I loved it so much, and I will probably repeatedly read this book when I really need my MMF fix. Although Hunter’s internal conflict went on for a while, it wasn’t completely out of the left field or anything. It has grown and developed throughout the novel before becoming the big issue and conflict for the novel. That’s without giving spoilers as you won’t understand what I mean until you read it. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys polyamorous romances and drama.

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