Eyes on Me by Sara Cate

Eyes on Me by Sara Cate was published on April 28, 2022, and the story featured step-siblings whose relationship develops into more after Garrett mistakenly finds his step-sister Mia online. The Salacious Players Club series is all about kinks and taboo situations, so this one explored voyeurism which was Garrett’s “thing.” I read the book through Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

Eyes on Me by Sara Cate

Synopsis: Garrett had never given his younger step-sister much attention over the years. He always thought of her as just a kid he was technically tied to by law. It isn’t until Garrett comes across her profile on a webcam site that he realizes she’s not just a woman but an insanely hot one that’s captured his attention.

Before finding her online, Garrett had grown bored with dating or hooking up. He likes to watch, and not many women enjoy that aspect. But Mia seems to enjoy it and prefers it over a physical connection with anyone else. The lines eventually blur for Garrett as he navigates his growing feelings for Mia that have made him feel like a dirty dog.

What I Liked: I really enjoyed the drama in this story as their dynamic was much dirtier than in the previous book in the series, Praise. I liked that Cate made it clear to the reader that Garrett had not been lusting after his step-sister throughout their lives as she truly wasn’t on his radar for a long time. He cared for her and was interested in what she was doing, but he didn’t spend much time with her previous to the inciting incident in this novel.

I did love the toxic dynamic between them (yes, sue me) because it created higher stakes. The relationship also caused Mia to come out of her shell and stop waiting for Garrett to notice her. She eventually took control of her life, and he had to figure out how to accept that and his new role in her life. He struggled with shame and guilt over their connection which I felt was appropriate for the premise.

What I Didn’t Like: I don’t think this book was as good as Praise. I feel like the dynamic between them was often up and down, and Garrett should have groveled more toward the end. I won’t give any specific details, of course, but that’s really my only issue. The smut also wasn’t as tasty in my opinion.

Overall: I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to people who want to read the series. It’s not as good as Praise or Give Me More, but it was still an enjoyable read, especially if you like super toxic or taboo dynamics like this. This series is definitely one of my favorites for the year (besides Courtney Milan’s Turner Series), and I’m excited about the final installment that’s releasing later this month!

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