Unraveled by Courtney Milan

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This is the third book and final installment of The Turner Series by Courtney Milan. Smite’s story was well-anticipated because he seemed to be the darkest of the Turner men. All three have suffered some strife from their childhood with their abusive mother, and Smite’s journey was really my favorite of the whole series! I read this novel using Libby, a free resource for ebooks with the library.

*Reminder: this review was crafted without spoilers so you can still enjoy the book if you choose to read it.*

Unraveled by Courtney Milan

Synopsis: Smite Turner overcame all odds by pursuing a career as a magistrate. Because of this responsibility, he holds himself to high standards that seem impossible to reach. Others fear him or quickly grow frustrated by his coldness, not realizing who he is behind it all. He doesn’t want to be fixed. He wants to be left alone.

Miranda Darling has come close to breaking the law which put her on Turner’s radar. He warns her away, but she doesn’t have much of a choice. For the protection of herself and her small family, she has to do what the Patron requests without question. Once Turner realizes she’s more than what he once believed, he questions his dedication to loneliness, wanting to steal at least a few moments with the one woman who seems to understand him.

What I Liked: I LOVED Smite Turner. I found him incredibly complex, especially as he toed the line between asshole and kicked puppy. He had valid reasons for his behavior, and I might have gotten frustrated with him, but I was never outraged or thought he was being irrational. His reasoning for his behavior made sense, especially as the story “unraveled.”

I loved Miranda as a character too. She was a wonderful combination of sweet with a streak for thrill-seeking behavior. They worked well together in this way, but I won’t reveal much more than that. I also loved the sex scenes in this, and they were more frequent than in the two previous novels in the series.

The external plot for this novel was the most interesting in the series. I was genuinely afraid for the safety of multiple characters, and the consequences were dire. They had to do something to fix the issue, so the external plot was vital to the pace of the story.

What I Didn’t Like: I can’t think of a single thing I didn’t like, honestly. For the reasons listed above, I loved it. I would have kept reading them and wished there was more. I was interested to see how the resolution could have played out in future books because I was that invested. I highly suggest reading this novel. It’s one of my favorites for the year for sure.

Overall: I’ve already said my piece above. I loved the book so much, and all the elements came together well. I learned a lot as a writer from this book, and I hope to one day write something even half as great. I love Smite and Miranda and they deserved their HEA!

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