Unclaimed by Courtney Milan

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This novel is the second in The Turner Series by Courtney Milan. I read this book using Libby which is a library resource for ebooks. This book is very different from the first in the series, and I was excited to get Mark’s story since he played a significant support role in Unveiled by Courtney Milan. I read this book rather quickly and then moved on to the next in the series right away.

*Reminder: this review does not contain spoilers since I’d like you to enjoy the book after reading the review!*

Unclaimed by Courtney Milan

Synopsis: Sir Mark Turner wrote the book that changed the world, but he’s certainly not proud of it. After his brother became a duke, Mark Turner became a Sir that’s captured the attention of many fans. He isn’t the type to enjoy the attention, so he hides away in his hometown with the hope that he can process the major changes in his life in peace.

Jessica Farleigh is a courtesan hired to ruin Sir Mark’s reputation, but she doesn’t expect him to be so real. She’d thought he was like all the other men she’s seduced – easily manipulated and power-hungry. But Sir Mark is so much more, and she feels she’s undeserving of his attention and affections.

What I Liked: The premise for Unclaimed was great because I’d actually been looking for a book that featured an escort as one of the main characters. Sir Mark was indeed an interesting character as his reasons for chastity weren’t originally what one would think. His respect for women was high, despite his upbringing, and I really enjoyed that. Jessica was strong too, and I loved the slow personal internal conflict she deals with. Loved the sex scenes, btw!

What I Didn’t Like: I think there were just one too many conflicts, but I was glad at that point that it seemed to resolve quickly as we neared the end. I think that was my only issue with Unclaimed as I enjoyed the rest of it. The angst was just a little high, but it wasn’t too much or unenjoyable.

Overall: I really enjoyed it. I loved each of their personal journeys as much as I liked their relationship arc. Gender roles were challenged in a fun way, and I loved that Sir Mark really wanted a strong woman by his side. That’s something all the Turner men seem to want.

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