Unveiled by Courtney Milan

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I’m back with my first review! I decided to go over the books in The Turner Series because they’re the most recent series I’ve finished, and they’re amazing books. The series itself isn’t new as the final book came out over a decade ago, but they are some of my favorite books of 2022 so far!

I read the novel using Libby which is an ebook service you can use with your local library.

I’m new to historical romance, and Unveiled by Courtney Milan was my second historical romance novel ever. The book was amazing, inspiring me to read the rest of the series as quickly as possible. This book had many surprises to it, and I especially loved both of the main characters.

*Reminder: my reviews are without spoilers so nothing is ruined for you if you decide to read the novel.*

Unveiled by Courtney Milan

Synopsis: Ash Turner intends to take his place as the rightful heir to the dukedom from the duke who’d crossed him during a difficult time in his life. Once he’s gotten hold of the Parford Manor, he finds himself drawn to the nurse of the old, dying duke – Lady Margaret.

Lady Margarete should hate Ash Turner as he’s taken over her home and seems merciless in his revenge against her father. She hides her identity and sends reports of Ash’s behavior to her brothers. The two understand each other in a way they’d never thought possible, and the motivation behind their actions becomes harder to justify.

What I Liked: Ash was very swoony and an amazing male character. Despite the time period, he was very respectful of Margaret and the other women he came into contact with. Margaret also had some lessons to learn herself about classism and respect for the people who made her daily life easier. The story had multiple funny characters, and I enjoyed the growing companionship between the main characters. The ending was sweet, and I was fully prepared and excited for the set-ups of the next books in the series.

What I Didn’t Like: The sex scenes were good, but I felt that could have been a little longer. Not that they needed more details, but I just would have liked more connection between them in those moments. I also think there was a certain element to the external plot that took too much precedence in the story, and it could have been reduced to make room for more romantic elements.

Overall: I loved it a lot. I enjoyed Margaret’s personal journey, and I thought Ash was an interesting and complex character. I loved his chivalry and his dedication to doing the right thing. Margaret is a lucky lady, and she knows it by the end too!

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