My Big Fat Fake Wedding by Lauren Landish

Hello readers and writers!

I’m so happy to see that I’ve been getting some consistent views since coming back this month. I know I haven’t gotten back to my once a week schedule yet, but it’s getting closer, and I’m happy to be writing again!

This week I’m talking about Lauren Landish’s recent release. It was advertised to me on my Kindle, so I downloaded it using KU, and I absolutely loved it! Lately it’s been difficult for me to find romances I really enjoy, so it was nice to find a new author for me. Now I can try out some of her other stuff and let you all know how that goes 😉

My Big Fat Fake Wedding by Lauren Landish


Violet and Ross have been frenemies since they were teenagers, always trying to get the best of one another. Ross has never been someone Violet can trust until she’s desperate for a fake husband. Her crappy ex breaks up with her TWO WEEKS before their wedding, and she needs to ensure her dying grandfather can walk her down the aisle before he goes. Ross has his own complicated reasons for going along with this charade, and for the first time in their relationship, they’re in something together. Can she truly trust that he’s not going to revert back to the jerk she knew in high school?

What I Didn’t Like:

  • My only complaint might be that many of the side characters might not have acted as realistically as someone in their position would, but I was easily able to let that go for the sake of the plot. It’s also a romantic comedy and many “realism” elements are okay to go out the window when you’re having fun as a reader.

What I Liked:

  • The plot was really fun and I enjoyed following these silly characters throughout the story. There were definite ups and downs as well as tension and many comedic moments that didn’t feel forced.
  • Ross and Violet were both great characters on their own and were even better together. Their chemistry was obvious and I enjoyed the way Lauren Landish had their feelings for one another grow in a way that did feel organic.
  • The sex scenes were worth the wait and fit in well with the story.


I truly enjoyed it, and I’m excited to read more of Lauren Landish! I hope her other novels live up to my expectations after reading this novel. Pick it up if you’re looking for something entertaining and enjoyable.

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