The Price of Scandal by Lucy Score

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It’s been almost a month since my not so gracious return as my life has turned completely upsidedown since graduating college. I thought my life had been chaotic before, but I was totally wrong. The every-changing school schedule while balancing a job on campus made working the future seem like a dream, but now that I’m here, I realize how much free time I really did have back then. Now it’s been a bit of a battle trying to fit everything into my new 8-5 M-F life that I hadn’t previously thought I’d have.

Enough about me. Let’s get into my review of Lucy Score’s most recent release! She and three other authors I absolutely love have collaborated to create a four-book series featuring all female billionaires. They were wondering why there aren’t more female billionaires in the romance scene, so they decided to change that with this series, and I can tell after reading this first novel that I am so excited for the rest.

The Price of Scandal by Lucy Score


Emily Stanton is what many people would believe to be a successful woman. She’s developed a skincare brand that’s completely changed the industry, even out-selling the pioneers in her field. Unfortunately, success means more eyes on Emily the person as she attempts to salvage her reputation after a silly scandal.

In comes Derek Price, expert image fixer and developer. He’s worked with a variety of celebrities, helping their career out of some of the deepest, darkest scandals he’s ever seen. Emily’s isn’t so bad, but he’s finding there’s a lot more to the billionaire than she wants the public to see. Too bad for her that it’s his job to make sure the public likes her. Perfect isn’t likable, and there’s a lot more to Emily than the mask she puts on.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Honestly, I really liked the whole book, but the only thing I wasn’t too fond of was that I figured out the big twist early in the novel. I’m not sure if Lucy was trying to really hide this development to surprise us towards the end, but I felt I’d seen it coming within the first few chapters.

What I Liked:

  • Derek Price and Emily Stanton were both wonderful main characters. They had obvious and consistent characteristics that changed and developed throughout the story. Derek was swoony as hell and Emily was a total badass. I enjoyed watching them come together, especially the way Lucy wrote it.
  • The story had many elements to it that kept me reading. I wanted to know what was going to happen. Although I could predict one element of the story, there were still many other parts that had surprised me. So don’t think from my earlier comment that the book was super predictable because it definitely wasn’t.
  • There were silly moments, sexy moments, and even some thrilling moments. It ended before I knew it, and I totally would have kept reading to stay in their lives. That makes me happy they’ll be returning characters throughout the series.


I think it was a solid start to a great series. I’m currently reading the ARC for Claire Kingsley’s addition to the series, and I’m loving this one as well. Pippa Grant and Kathryn Nolan are also two authors I thoroughly enjoy, so I’m looking forward to reading their novels as well! They’re each scheduled to come out two weeks from each other, so I’d definitely start Lucy’s book ASAP if you’re looking for something to read.

“The woman was a manipulative liar, and I was already half in love with her.”

Derek Price, The Price of Scandal

Thank you for reading!

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