Faking Ms. Right by Claire Kingsley

Hello, readers and writers!

Today I’m reviewing Claire Kingsley’s most recent release. It’s a romcom with a billionaire alpha hero and a sweet but determined heroine. I love Claire’s writing, so I was excited to receive this book as an ARC.

Faking Ms. Right by Claire Kingsley


After a horrible first date streak, Everly Dalton has sworn off dating for a while. Obviously the universe is telling her it’s not a good time to find someone, so she should just put her energy into her work. This becomes especially true when her stoic boss asks her to pose as his girlfriend indefinitely.

Shepherd Calloway has had some issues in the dating realm as well, and he’s taking a break while he rids his life of one particularly nasty ex that won’t seem to go away. Everly agrees because she’s the best assistant in the world, and she has a huge favor she needs to ask him. Together they’re pretty good actors. So good, in fact, they’re not even sure if they’re faking it anymore.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • The relationship between Svetlana and Richard was very confusing. She seemed so obvious in her disinterest in him, but Richard didn’t notice at all. Claire explains his reasonings in the story, but it just seemed weird that he would even enjoy being around a character like her. I wish she would have acted much warmer when he was around or something.
  • Making Everly and Shepherd both have one sibling that was homosexual didn’t seem likely. It also made one of the resolutions at the end way too obvious. I wish there would have been more of a surprise there.

What I Liked:

  • OMG – there’s a lot I liked about this book. Let’s start with Everly as she was a totally perfect heroine for this story. She got along with everyone, even though Shepherd ignored her for the first few years they knew each other. She’s competent and strong-willed. I totally loved her character.
  • I loved that Shepherd had so many layers to his character. Claire usually does a great job of creating very complex heroes, and she did a good job here again. There are some surprises to Shepherd’s character as you go through the story, and learning more about him was fun.
  • Everly’s best friends made me laugh so much. Claire has hinted they will get their own stories, and I’m fully prepared for that. They really added to the story, especially during crucial parts. They were funny and fit perfectly.
  • I loved the fake relationship trope a lot here. There were so many incidents that couldn’t have happened if they weren’t “faking it.” I also enjoyed the growth of their relationship and the steady trust that needed to develop there, especially for Shepherd.


I loved it! I’d recommend it to any romance reader, especially one that’s looking for a fun, light read. Link for the novel is above, and I’d recommend downloading it!! It’s for free with KU! Also, check out more of her work on my website. I have plenty of reviews to choose from!

Thank you for reading!

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