Make Me Bad by R.S. Grey

Hello, readers and writers!

Today I’m reviewing R.S. Grey’s most recent release. I love her stories because they’re so silly and fun. I can usually relate with the heroine as they’re often dorky and not so good at flirting, and I know there are plenty of other women who feel the same. The relationships are healthy and the hero is mostly not a jerk (she does have some good enemies to lovers books out there though). Anyway, I love when she releases something new because I know I’ll breeze through it, and that’s exactly what happened.

Make Me Bad by R.S. Grey


Madison’s 25th birthday hadn’t been anything special. She went to work as usual and shared a cake with her co-workers who barely wanted to stay after for the very sad work party. After releasing everyone home, she cleans up on her own and heads home, wishing her life was more interesting. On her normal walk home, she’s suddenly put in a position she never thought possible. Ben happens to meet her on his walk back from the police station where he’d been arrested for fighting (obvious bad boy). He springs into action, helping her make it back home alright. Neither of them realize this crazy walk home changed their lives forever, making Madison’s life much more interesting.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Madison’s dad and brother were way over protective and Ben kind of was too. I would have liked for her to date someone who wasn’t also overbearing in that way, but I still really loved Ben. I also know alpha works for many romance novels.

What I Liked:

  • The plot was adorable. I loved the idea of Madison being so innocent and virginal that it’s beyond “normal.” Make Me Bad has been a fantasy of many young women, and I was having fun living through it in this novel.
  • Ben was a great hero as he was incredibly sweet and supportive. Their back and forth was really cute and almost juvenile, which I enjoyed.
  • The other characters were fun, especially all of their friends. They added to most of the scenes as R.S. Grey lets all of her characters have their funny moments.


This novel is a great addition to R.S. Grey’s funny romance novels. She has some dramas earlier in her career that are wonderful as well. She’s incredibly talented, and I would suggest this novel to anyone looking for something light and fun to read with their romance.

Thank you so much for reading!

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