Struggling to Work-at-Home

Hello, readers and writers!

Today’s post is inspired by one of my good online writer friends, Assistant Melissa, who has been an incredibly supportive Twitter friend of mine for a while now. A few weeks ago, I read one of her blog posts on working from home, and the advice she gave was amazing. If you want to read more of what she had to say, click here. There are a multitude of helpful tips in there for you all to soak in!

I wanted to share some of my own experiences with working from home because it’s been a very weird transition. I really hadn’t expected my life to go this way, but after being diagnosed with multiple chronic illnesses and seeing the way it affects my life daily, I finally thought about it.

So many businesses are pushing for work from home jobs because there are so many benefits to it:

  • No need to spend money renting or leasing an office space
  • Limited micro-managing of employees
  • Tiny breaks from work at home leads to getting a few chores done throughout the day
  • And meeting up every once in a while feels more like a party than a meeting

The shift into work-at-home business has been significant over the last few years, and I believe it’s truly helping people with similar living conditions to my own. How can you work and thrive in an environment that expects you to work more than would ever be physically possible? It just doesn’t make sense economically, and the push in our culture to move to working from home helps people like me.

But I’m not saying that means every part of it is positive. There are still many struggles that go into working from home that many people are now experiencing, and it’s driving them bananas:

  • Unless you want to spend some money getting coffee or food, you’re basically stuck at home
  • Those chores are not going to do themselves, and you have to stare at them inbetween breaks in work
  • The pets or kids in the house still need lots of attention, and sometimes that takes away from working
  • And working in your pajamas all day isn’t always as glamorous as it sounds

For the most part, I am enjoying working from home as it gives me the freedom to work on projects at my own pace and on my own time. I’m still struggling with the organization parts of it as I attempt to figure out a schedule that REALLY WORKS. I have a whole new schedule I started this week, so let’s see if it works out, or if I have to adjust AGAIN.

Thank you so much for reading!

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