Hidden Miles by Claire Kingsley

Hello, readers and writers!

Sadly, the Miles family series is coming to an end. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of Hidden Miles, and it was such a sweet story. I’m looking forward to the novella coming after with an extra epilogue. I would definitely suggest jumping on board with these novels if you haven’t already.

Hidden Miles by Claire Kingsley


Leo Miles hasn’t left his family’s land in half a decade. He came back from war battered and scarred, having lost hope in his willingness to live. Besides his family, the only thing keeping him going each day is his gaming friend, Hannah. He doesn’t expect to ever meet her in life, so he’s shocked and confused when he sees her on his family’s land. She’s more beautiful than he ever could have imagined, but that doesn’t change much. There’s no way he could ever have her. He’s too messed up and broken, no matter how willing she is to help him pick up the pieces.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • My ONLY issue with this novel is how some of the men act. They were a little too perfect and similar in the way they rushed to defend and control every situation that came up. I would have liked to see more conflict with the other characters.

What I Liked:

  • I had not expected the “gamer girl” thing CK created for Hannah, but I really liked it. The story seemed more modern with that detail as many people, especially those suffering from different mental issues, use the internet as a way of communicating with people in the outside world. I think it was perfect for Leo.
  • The continued story of the dad was very interesting and brought a lot of conflict to the story. I was glad to get some resolution on that, and I’m wondering if it’ll continue in the novella at all.
  • Leo and Hannah’s relationship was a bit of a slowburn, but once it got started, it was great to read. Exciting, sexy, and sweet all wrapped into one. Their growth as a couple was also very sweet.
  • I loved the big surprise and conflict toward the end of the story. I wasn’t expecting that either, so it definitely came as a happy surprise.


I would recommend this novel to any romance readers looking for something new to read. I’d also suggest reading the entire series if you have the time! The final novella is releasing soon, so you won’t have to worry about any loose ends or cliff hangers if you start the series now!

Thank you so much for reading!

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