Blogger Spotlight: WOW! Women On Writing

Hello, readers and writers!

About a year ago, I did a blogger spotlight on a wonderful blog called WOW! Women on Writing. This site had caught my attention because I loved their message and the fact that they are all about supporting women in the writing industry. Their posts can span from:

  • interviews
  • guest posts
  • writing tips
  • and more!

Following blogs that celebrate authors, especially those who are otherwise underrepresented, is something I love doing. If you know any other blogs, let me know in the comments, and I’ll make sure to go check them out. I love broadening my horizon when it comes to new, indie authors!

According to WOW! Women On Writing’s site:

WOW! promotes the communication between women writers, authors, editors, agents, publishers and readers. Stay up-to-date on writer’s markets, events, author interviews, and more! We are dedicated to helping you achieve your writing dreams.

Since they have such a diverse library of articles, book reviews, and interview, they are an amazing resource for women writers and readers looking to support them. My absolute favorite thing about following this blog is the writing tips as they often answer many of my questions when it comes to self-publishing. They are worth checking out.

Why would women writers need this type of representation?:

For myself, and other readers who love romance, we might not notice the lack of female writers in our field. Romance is almost exclusively a genre for women (even if men read and write romance as well, and do a great job of it too). We generally don’t realize the disproportional support men receive over women in the writing world.

According to VIDA (Women in Literary Arts) and Huffington Post, major book reviewers cover up to four times as much men’s books over women’s books. Men win more literary awards and books with male main characters receive more attention from the media. Many writers have said their influences have been more likely to be male than female when it comes to classic writers.

How can supporting WOW! help?:

WOW! is an awesome resource to find women writers you might have interest in. Check out their website. You’ll find plenty of useful articles on the craft of writing and plenty of in-depth interviews, book reviews, and promos! If you’re a woman writer, you might even be able to find some events worth attending. Supporting WOW! helps support women writers who deserve it!

Thank you for reading!

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