Bourbon Bliss by Claire Kingsley with Lucy Score

Hello, readers and writers!

I’m so excited to bring you another review from the Bootleg Springs series! I’ve had so much fun in this town, and I know other readers have been enjoying the high-jinks and sweet romance these books have to offer. This is the fourth in the series with two more left to go!

Bourbon Bliss by Claire Kingsley with Lucy Score


June Tucker has a hard time understanding others. Numbers are easier to understand. They follow a code and do what they’re supposed to do with logic and reason. But people? Nope. Almost never. She’s never had an interest either until George (GT) Thompson shows up in Bootleg Springs. There’s just something about him that makes her wonder why she’s so jumpy and nervous. She’s never felt any of this before. What could it mean? And is she well-equipt?

What I Didn’t Like:

Okay, normally CK writes the most perfect stories for me and I have a hard time finding anything I didn’t like, but I did find something in this one.

  • George doesn’t have any of his own goals or dreams in this novel. He’s a huge part of the story, of course, and he’s incredibly active, but I had a hard time knowing what exactly he wanted. And June wasn’t enough of an answer for me.

What I Liked:

Now that the critical part I force myself to put into my reviews is over, I’ll move onto what I liked!

  • June Tucker was incredibly relatable for me. I may not have ever been considered a “robot” but I really enjoyed how logical she was and that it put a barrier between her and others. I think plenty of dorky women who speak without thinking have this isolation problem, and I loved it for her as a character.
  • GT Thompson had the patience of a saint. He set his sights on June and had no problem stepping into the drama of the town to be with her. We got plenty examples of Bootleg Justice, and he fit in with everyone quite easily.
  • The mystery of Callie Kendall drove a big part of this novel, and I’m eager to find out more! There are some huge reveals and more questions get raised than answered, but that just makes me excited for the next two in the series!


I enjoyed reading the story. I liked the characters, and I’m enjoying spending some more time in this wacky town! If you want to start from the beginning, check out Whiskey Chaser!

Thank you so much for reading! If you want to find out more about the authors I review, check out my book suggestions page! Also, if you want to bond with some other lovely ladies who enjoy reading romance, join my Facebook Group!!

Until next time 🙂

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