Happy New Year! Top Ten Reads of 2018

Hello, readers and writers!

Welcome to 2019 where we have all decided we’re going to live differently than we did in 2018, right? I’ve definitely made that resolution as I’m no longer an undergrad and I’ll be focusing on making money through freelancing. That means months and months of FREE labor to make it happen, but that’s okay if it gets me the creative freedom I want in life, right?

Right. But enough about me. I’m here to share my favorite reads from 2018 with you all! If you’ve been following my blog, then you might have seen some of these before and given them a read or added them to that ever-growing TBR list. Here’s a refresher for you as you can decide what to get started on!

For those of you who haven’t been following my blog, welcome to my reviewing style as I’m going to share various links to previous reviews with short synopses to get you started! Let me know if any look interesting to you in the comments! I’d love to talk about it! All the covers will be at the beginning and end of the list, so enjoy!

Also, these aren’t ranked in any way. Each novel has a special place in my heart, and putting a rank on them is kind of impossible.


1. The Worst Best Man by Lucy Score

Although I’d been in Lucy’s reader’s group for a while, I’d yet to read one of her books, so this was my first trip into her storytelling abilities. This novel was so funny and exciting. There were so many things that happened from the beginning until the end, changing the characters significantly. I enjoyed it, and I would definitely recommend it to any romance readers who are looking for something new to read.

2. The Coaching Hours by Sara Ney

I’m a few years into loving Sara Ney, so this was a nice addition to her How to Date a Douchebag series. This was the last in the series, and I enjoyed it just like the others. She writes new adult romance, and I love how authentic her characters are. She never disappoints when it comes to making me laugh, especially in this novel. Check out Jock Row next!

3. Dirty Deeds by Stella Rhys

This novel is the third in her series, and I absolutely loved it. Rhys writes sex scenes that are out of this world, and it’s a big reason why I get overly excited at each new release. Her male characters are also usually alphas males will a soft spot you didn’t realize they had. Really great character and story arcs with some solid sex scenes.

4. Broken Miles (Miles Family #1) by Claire Kingsley

Choosing just ONE CK novel was incredibly hard, but I settled on the first in her Miles Family series. We were given three in 2018, and I’m excited for the next and last one to come out in February. I chose this one because I loved Zoey so much and the introduction into this family and world. I couldn’t wait for more, and I’m excited to finish my collection later this year! If you like a second chance novel, this give this one a try!

5. From Lukov with Love by Mariana Zapata

Okay, I love Mariana Zapata. I don’t post much about it because she’s dropped like one book a year, but I have loved every single one of her books. She has another out right now that’s on my TBR, and I’m so stoked to read it, but this one was so great. She does a great job of writing heroes we don’t like very much in the beginning, but then we get to know them better, and our heart grows for them. This is a slow burn, sweet read. 

6. Breakaway by A.M. Johnson

If you follow my blog, you know that this, Kennedy Ryan, and Pippa Grant were firsts for me, and now I’m a fan! A.M. Johnson’s characters were so deep and real that I forgot I was reading a novel a few times. I felt like I was there, experiencing the story, and I enjoyed it so much. If you’re looking for somebody new, check her out!

7. Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan

This novel was intense and has a serious trigger warning at the beginning. I had to put this book down a few times because my heart was hurting so much. I cried a few times at work as well, but it was so worth the experience. Many women out there live these lives of abuse and torture behind closed doors, and I felt it was important for me to read this story and acknowledge that leaving abuse isn’t always easy. Definitely give it a shot if you know you have the backbone for it!

8. A Nordic King by Karina Halle

Okay, picking just one Karina Halle novel this year was TOO HARD, but I settled on the third in her royal series because I had a hard time finishing it. Not because it wasn’t good, but because I didn’t want it to end. I loved the characters and the story so much, especially the adorably sweet kiddos. I also loved the complexity of their backstories and the transformations they had to take as characters.

9. Arrogant Devil by R.S. Grey

Another favorite author of mine! I had a hard time choosing just one, but this novel stuck with me the most this year. I have such a soft spot/hard on for alpha men who are in charge. I loved how they slowly got to know each other and became good friends who moved on to more. They had a lot to overcome throughout the story, and I enjoyed it so much. 

10. Beauty and the Beefcake by Pippa Grant

My final suggestion of the year is from Pippa Grant! She writes hilarious stories with such silly characters and premises. I’ve enjoyed getting into her this year, and it all started with this one. The characters weren’t likely and they brought so much to the table. I also freaking loved Hot Heir which is something to look into next!

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