Moonshine Kiss by Lucy Score with Claire Kingsley

Hello, readers and writers!

The third novel in the Bootleg Springs series has been here since December 7th, and I’m so happy to finally share my review with you all! This novel has stayed with me throughout the last month, and I’ve enjoyed reading it to chill out each night after a stressful couple of weeks!

Moonshine Kiss by Lucy Score with Claire Kingsley


Cassidy Tucker and Bowie Bodine are meant to be… or, at least, that’s how everyone else sees it. Bootleg Springs has been holding their breath for years, waiting for one of them to finally make the move, but no one knows what happened all those years ago. Nobody knows the sacrifices and fears these two have had to endure as they watched one another date other people. To top it all off, Cassidy is investigating the disappearance of Callie Kendall, and she can’t seem to keep her professional and personal life straight. Is it finally time for these two?

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Sometimes the characters would really piss me off. Lucy Score did an amazing job of continuously bringing it back for me, but there was a while there where I was pissed at Bowie and Cassidy.
  • I want to know what happened to Callie!!! I know we have three more books left to go, and it’s going to drive me absolutely bonkers to continue to wait!!

What I Liked:

  • Bootleg Springs is such a silly town, and I love reading about their different traditions and what not. There’s a lot more we learn about how things run in the town than before, and it leads to some good laughs.
  • Scarlett and Devlin get more time in this novel. They’re the OG couple from Bootleg Springs 1, and it was nice to see what they had going on, especially since Scarlett is Cassidy’s BFF.
  • Bowie was really sweet throughout, even when he could be frustrating sometimes. He was a gentleman, especially when it came to conflict, and I enjoyed getting to know him more.
  • Cassidy had some hard lessons to learn, but I loved watching her grow as a character and accept some of her flaws.


I’m excited to see these characters develop and grow in the next few books. June Tucker is next, so I know we’ll see more Cassidy and some more Jonah. I’m wondering if his story is after that or if it’ll be ol’ Grumpy Gibs. We’ll have to see!

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