A Nordic King by Karina Halle

Hello, readers and writers!

Reading this novel was an experience. Seriously. I’ve been so busy lately that it’s hard for stories to capture my attention, but this one I couldn’t put down! I neglected my friends, family, and homework to finish this book as quickly as possible. Now I’d love to share all my thoughts with you! Check out the quotes I pulled as well!

A Nordic King by Karina Halle



Aurora has nannied for a few families in her day, going from house to house, but she’s yet to find the perfect match. In fact, she’s thinking about changing her plan completely, until she’s given one more assignment. This one is top secret and mysterious. This one could change her life, especially when she goes in for an interview. Especially when she meets those cute little girls. And especially when she comes face to face with the King. He’s smoldering and terrifying all at once, but she knows she can prove to him that she’s the perfect match for their family. No matter what.

“Fate has made me the lost King, encased in cheap armor that only keeps up appearances, forever fighting a battle he will never win.” – Aksel, A Nordic King

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Both Aksel and Aurora would sometimes overreact over events no one could control. They were hard on each other and incredibly hard on themselves. I wanted to yell at them to tell them they deserved love too!!

“But Aurora is a force of nature. She’s sunshine and fresh air and the northern lights. She’s a goddess, through and through with playful eyes and a smile that will knock you flat on your back. She came into our lives like the first rays of the morning and she won’t be shuttered out or dimmed.” – Aksel, A Nordic King

What I Liked:

  • So much!!!! I’ll start first with the humor. All of the characters had so much life to them, and living in the castle really seemed like a beautiful dream. I was so in love with most of Aksel’s workers. They were like a big family.
  • Aksel was super broody and amazing. He had a tortured soul based on decisions he had made in his past, but he grew so much as a character.
  • Aurora had a lot of changing to do as well, but I loved how strong she still was. She had many doubts and issues with her past, but she was trying her best to move on and live a happy life.
  • One of my favorite things about enemies-to-lovers type stories is how much their relationship changes over the course of the novel, and I definitely felt that way with them. It was a slow burn, and I loved it!

I’ve never craved something so badly only to get it in the end.” – Aurora, A Nordic King


As you can tell from my previous comments, I loved it! I would definitely recommend giving this novel a read, and I would recommend the rest of the series as well. I loved The Swedish Prince and The Wild Heir almost as much as this one. I’m probably only saying this one is my favorite because it’s the most recent read because I really loved them all.

“I’ve waited forty years for my heart to have a home,” he says softly. “I’ve waited for you.”

Thank you for reading!

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Have you heard of Karina Halle before? Have you read any of her novels? Have you read this one? Let me know in the comments!! I love obsessing over excellent romance authors!!

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