The Beau & the Belle by R.S. Grey

Hello fellow readers and writers!

I’m super excited about this read as it has me feeling all gooey and romantic inside. This novel is set in New Orleans where R.S. Grey literally visited to gain inspiration for the story. She tried sticking to the culture she saw around her during her trip as best as she could.

This novel has been sitting on my TBR list for a while. I’ve been sick and go to school as well as work so I haven’t had a chance to read for fun for a few weeks and now I’m getting back into it. So many great books have come out this year, so I’m playing catch-up on these reviews and suggestions of anyone looking for something great to read.

“Movies make it seem like years of aching are all erased the moment love becomes requited, but it’s not always that easy to hit refresh, because realistically, I don’t want to leave behind the painful moments that formed the basis of this fierce love. It’s the reason it feels so good to be lying here underneath him. It’s why I’ll never take for granted the things in life that can be washed away without notice.”

The Beau & the Belle by R.S. Grey



Lauren has had a mega-crush on Beau since she was a junior in high school. He rented the apartment in her parents’ backyard while he attended law school and was totally out of her league. A big, strong man when she was still a simple teenage girl. Her silly little crush ranged out of control until fate tore them apart. Ten years later, and fate has brought them back together again. Only this time, it’s Beau pursuing Lauren, and he just won’t take no for an answer.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • THE ENDING. Okay, I actually loved the ending, but it drops off right at the perfect moment and I wish I’d gotten more of an epilogue or at least one more chapter to clarify for me they are having a happily ever after.
  • The fact that this story starts off with her in high school. Technically it’s not illegal, but Beau is much older, and I would definitely be questioning a man in his mid-twenties who has a crush on a younger woman. He’s respectful throughout the story and never crosses any boundaries, but it was still something slightly uncomfortable I had to ignore.
  • There is one scene in this novel in which Beau becomes angry and doesn’t treat Lauren the way he should. It’s nothing too intense, but it made me question how healthy their relationship was. Also, that was the most significant conflict in the story, so I guess that works.

What I Liked:

  • This story was incredibly dreamy. I know the age thing bothered me a bit, but I can also imagine the fantasy of crushing on an older man. They are more experienced which can be very attractive. This tone follow throughout the novel, even into adulthood as Beau is seen as a hero more than a man at certain parts. I fell into the fantasy easily.
  • The sex scenes were off the charts! There’s not many, but the build-up to them is great, and the actual scenes are very emotional, especially toward the end of the novel.
  • The humor in Grey’s novels are always my favorite part, and she did a great job in this story. Lauren was super goofy, and I related to her awkwardness. Beau had some funny thoughts as well, making me smirk or laugh out loud while I ignored the many chores piling up around me.


I loved it!! ♥♥♥♥♥ I love R.S. Grey, and this novel just confirmed my love again. I would definitely recommend this novel to people who enjoy romantic comedies with sexy moments. I’m really hoping Lauren and Beau will be mentioned in her next book or we get some type of extended scene with them!!

Did you read this novel? Have you read R.S. Grey before? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to talk about it!

Are you interested in finding out more about the author? Here are more of her books and her Facebook page. I’ve also got a link for her website at the top of the post! She says she’s more active on Instagram so follow her @authorrsgrey!

Another way to keep track of what I’m reading before official reviews come out is on my Goodreads page as I review books on there and Amazon as soon as I finish them. They just aren’t as thought out or structured.

Thanks for reading! Until next time 🙂

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