Blogger Spotlight – Well-Storied

Hello, readers and writers!

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a website with a variety of options on how to learn more about writing for free or at a low cost. The owner of the website provides free resources, inexpensive workbooks, ebooks, and more. The content provided on her site has helped me and others immensely, so I wanted to do a spotlight on this blog and help others find their way to these resources.

What is Well-Storied?


Well-Storied has a mission to help writers craft novels and build rewarding writing lives. With a variety of resources and opportunities to ask for help and guidance, Kristen has made her dream of helping other authors a reality. She does an absolutely fantastic job of reaching out and providing expert advice as well as being someone who works hard. This website is an intro into the emersion of her writing world and into creating our own.

Who is the blogger?

Kristen Kiefer says she is a life-long reader and a storyteller. She enjoys living her life as an author of speculative fiction and creative writing resources. When she isn’t writing for Well-Storied, she’s working on her upcoming fantasy series. More information on all of this can be found on her about page.

What are some fantastic tools offered?

The articles provided on Well-Storied range from researching tips, writing tips, and more. Personally, I have a subscription to Kristen’s e-mailing list, so I get many of these articles since straight to my inbox. I always make sure to take time out of my week to read what’s she’s sent from her website and her Patreon.

There are free writing courses she provides on her website that deal with plotting, characters, and story structure. There are also some fantastic guides to help you through your novel process, and some video lessons for those who enjoy visuals with their lessons.

Another helpful resource Well-Storied provides is the pay-what-you-can workbooks. They’re incredibly insightful and useful when plotting and creating your story. I’d recommend any of her amazing resources as she’s like the organization queen of writing.

How can I connect?

There are several ways to get involved with this excellent website and find ways to make her programs work for you. Two social media options are her Facebook Group, Your Write Dream, and her weekly Twitter chat for writers, #StorySocial.

Some other ways of contact are:

Thanks for reading!

I hope to provide more Blogger Spotlights in the future as there are so many talented writers out there who blog fantastic content. Two past spotlights were for Romance University and Women on Writing.

Until next time 🙂

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