Broken Miles by Claire Kingsley

Hey, readers and writers!

My favorite author Claire Kingsley has a new release this week! Luckily, I was able to receive an ARC of this second chance novel and I highly suggest it. I could not put this book down and read it all in one day instead of studying for my midterms or cleaning around the house like I should have. I had to know what was going to happen to Zoe and Roland.

Kingsley has a very interactive group on Facebook called Alpha Ever After and she has another group within for spoilers if you’re interested in sharing after giving the novel a read. I’m a proud member of both and cannot wait for the next release.

Broken Miles (The Miles Family Series) by Claire Kingsley


Roland Miles is busy and tired. Too tired to deal with the crap going on with his family, especially his dad. There’s always something and he’s done with it. He’s moved away from that life, losing his wife in the process. Going back home brings too many memories to the surface. Memories of Zoe and a time when they were happy before she left in the middle of the night four years ago, asking for a divorce. If only he didn’t have to take time off work to rush home and handle his family. Maybe then he wouldn’t realize everything he’s been missing for the last few years.

What I Didn’t Like:

Honestly, I loved the whole thing, but every novel comes with its moments so I’ll still mention something I didn’t 100% love.

  • I hated the people Zoe and Roland were dating in the first half of the novel. I understood why they were so terrible, though, because it made falling into each other’s arms easier.
  • I also wasn’t completely behind two scenes in the novel when drunk people made complete asses of themselves (read the novel if you wanna know what I mean), but at the same time, those scenes were funny.
  • Finally, F Roland’s dad!!

What I Liked:

  • Roland was such a misunderstood sweetheart. Everyone in the family seems to think he doesn’t give a crap about any of them based on his emotionless actions. Nobody realizes how much he feels on the inside and hides it by filling his time with work.
  • Zoe was a badass woman and a strong character. I felt she deserved so much better than the guy she was dating in the first half of the novel, but I guess so did Roland. Even though she was torn by the past and having a hard time trusting again, she still tries and puts her heart on the line. I loved it.
  • The rest of the family. They’re hilarious and accepting of Zoe even after her divorce from Roland. They all seem to close and I’m excited to watch each of them get their own stories.
  • Awesome bonus epilogue at the end of the novel!


I suggest reading this novel immediately and preparing for the intense book hangover it will give you. If you’ve never read Claire Kingsley, I’d suggest reading this one then catching up on all her past novels. Seriously, they’re addicting. I can’t fangirl enough.

Thanks for reading!

Have you read Claire Kingsley before? Let me know in the comments!

Want to know more about the novel or CK in general? Check out those Facebook groups mentioned at the top of the post. There are daily pictures of shirtless hotties in the Alpha Ever After group. It’s great.

Until next time!

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