No More Secrets by Lucy Score

Hello, readers and writers!

I am rereading Blue Moon Book One as I prepare to finally catch up on all the novels in the series! She’s already on Book Six (I think), and everyone in her reader’s group absolutely loves them. She’s an amazingly talented writer who has helped me change my opinion on third-person POV, so I’m excited to expose myself to more of her small town writing and great world-building (because I’m learning from her as well).

No More Secrets by Lucy Score



Summer Lentz, a journalist from New York, is assigned to write a piece on a small farm in Blue Moon Bend. The owner of the farm and main guide during the duration of her article is Cart Pierce, ex-Army man and sexiest farmer around. Things between them heat in a hurry, forcing them to move their relationship much faster than intended. Now, they must decide if their feelings are worth the risks, especially for Summer’s secret truth.

What I Didn’t Like:

Only really one issue with this novel since I truly enjoyed this story and look forward to continuing reading Lucy Score.

  • The falling action after the big climax. I felt the drama that followed didn’t feel strong enough to keep them apart, but people acting stupid when it comes to love isn’t a new thing. We keep secrets to protect (or hurt) ourselves and others.

What I Liked:

  • The multitude of strong female characters. Summer was by far the “girliest” character in the story, but she was still just as strong and independent as any of the country women she encountered. She might have been a city girl, but she could hang with the best and worst of Blue Moon Bend without hesitation.
  • The humor in Blue Moon Bend had me seriously laughing out loud. The town was strange in a really fun way. The whole stigma about everyone knowing everything in small towns was prevalent in a large portion of this story and it was very funny to see the reactions of different characters to this plot point.
  • The friendship Summer and Carter developed before things escalated into more. I loved how she had to prove herself to him and how they slowly grew to get along more and more. Carter was actually a sweetie from the very beginning so there are no enemies-to-lovers here, but their relationship from acquaintances to more was entertaining.
  • The setup for future stories in the series. There were multiple sprinkles of other possible romances throughout the story, so now I’m invested into Jax and Joey. Score also added a very short teaser at the end about the second book in the series which will be about Beckett and I’m very excited about that.


I absolutely loved it! I was thrown off a bit by the different POV and the falling action, but this book had me drawn in from the beginning and the resolution was sweet enough to win me back over. Lucy Score is an amazing writer.

Interested in following/learning more about Lucy Score? Here’s her interactive Facebook Group (I’m in it too).

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Until next time! 🙂

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