Beauty and the Beefcake by Pippa Grant

Hello, readers and writers!

This week I’m covering one of Pippa Grant’s most recent releases, and I’ll admit it was my first time reading something by her. I’ve been in her Facebook group for a few months, but this was my first time actually sitting down and giving her writing a chance, and I regret not digging into her much earlier!

Beauty and the Beefcake by Pippa Grant



Felicity has terrible luck with men and employment. She’s been a huge fan of the Thrusters her entire life and wants nothing more than to gain a position working for them. To get her chance, her brother presents her with a task: Keep the Force Off His Ankle. Ares (AKA the Force) has promised his teammate that he would keep an eye on his little sister for him. Little do either of them know they’ve been swindled into watching over each other, and living with someone is a clear way to get to know a person. Maybe a little too well…

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Felicity having to deal with the repercussions of being a beautiful woman. Her appearance seemed to hold her back over and over again, and the secondary characters would piss me off for it.

What I Liked:

  • The characters! Every character was unique and silly in their own way, making me smile throughout the novel. Felicity and Ares were incredibly different from any other novel I’ve ever read, and that made me respect Pippa Grant so much as a writer. Even the monkey was a fun part of it!
  • There were some silly elements in the story, but they didn’t take away from the rest of the plot. I still felt the characters’ anguish, frustrations, and desires. There were some great serious moments as well as funny moments.


I loved this story. There isn’t much to say in either category because I loved it for the most part. The sex scenes were great and properly steamy. The romance was sweet and had a slow burn. And all the other stuff in between kept me focused and turning the pages.

Thank you for reading!

Have you read Pippa Grant before? Are you looking to give her a try? Let me know in the comments!

Want to know more about her? Check out her website or join in on her Pipsquad reader’s group!

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