How Often Do You Reread Books?

Hello, readers and writers!

Lately, I’ve been having a hard time reading something new! I have summer school, writing, a student worker job, and I just started an internship. Having no time to read definitely isn’t ideal because I love reading so much, and I enjoy writing my reviews to catalog the amazing books I’ve been able to read.

Right now, I’m rereading a book. Claire Kingsley’s next book in the Miles Family Series is coming out July 20th, so I wanted to reread Broken Miles. I had really enjoyed the story the first time, and I’m already finding awesome quotes that I hadn’t noticed the first time through. I think that’s the fun part about rereading novels.

I enjoy rereading a novel if I really love that author. Sometimes I can’t get a book out of my head so I’ll read it again for that reason, but it really just depends. I have reread Sarah Dessen, Claire Kingsley, and Stella Rhys multiple times. They write books I just can’t stop thinking about. Sarah Dessen is more of when I was younger because she writes YA, but she’s the reason I first started loving romance and fiction targeted towards girls/women.

So do you all reread novels? And what needs to be the requirement to reread it? Does it have to be an author you absolutely love? Does it just have to be a book you own? Also, what makes you decide to reread them?

Let me know the answer to all of these questions in the comments if you would like! Also, join my Facebook Group to talk about writing with some like-minded ladies!

Until next time 🙂

Rereading books

2 thoughts on “How Often Do You Reread Books?

  1. I will reread a book if its just one that I love and cant stop thinking about. Usually I like to reread a book once it’s been a little while though cause sometimes it feels like reading it again for the first time since you might forget the little details. But that actually backfired on me a little while ago. I reread a book I loved when I was in high school and it just wasnt as good as I remembered. And maybe its cause I was in a different time in my life at the time, I’m not sure though lol

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    1. That’s happened to me as well! In middle school I read The Odyssey in class where my teacher made it really fun. Later I realized it was actually pretty difficult to read on your own.


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