Cocky Roommate by Claire Kingsley

Hello, readers and writers!

For a book club in a group I’m in, we decided to read Cocky Roommate in honor of the whole #cockygate stuff going on in the writing world. Since Amazon stopped taking down any other titles with Cocky, Claire got to keep it up FOR NOW so we wanted to give it another read.

Cocky Roommate by Claire Kingsley



Kendra is in need of a new roommate since freelance editing is both scary and unpredictable. Her brother sets her up with a new roommate. She assumes it’s another girl until she gets a rude awakening once she returns home from a business trip. Her roommate is not another woman but a hunky jerk. She tries to get along with him, she really does, but he just isn’t impressed by her charm. He actually kind of hates it. All until a frightful moment that leaves him in the hospital, needing help where no one else is willing to give it.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Honestly? Nothing. The conflict was great and realistic. I loved the characters and the story. I think the first time I read it, I had wanted them to get busy a little quicker, but that didn’t even bother me this second time through. I enjoyed reading it for a second time so much.

What I Liked:

  • Everything. The characters were funny and important to the story, especially since this is the second novel in a series. Kendra wasn’t incredibly complex as she was just a sweet girl. She stayed that way throughout because she didn’t need as much growth as Weston.
  • Weston turning from cocky to adorable was such a great transition. This story breaks down the fourth wall a few times as characters explain different romance dynamics, and Weston’s asshole attitude was in there. Watching him turn from insufferable jerk to an adorably sweet guy when it came to Kendra was amazing.
  • The ending! Very unexpected, but I loved all the support from the other characters. When Weston loves, he loves hard, and I found that absolutely beautiful.


Great read. I was so into their little world that I had to start Hot Single Dad like the next day (review coming on Friday). That novel had an extra excerpt from Weston which was absolutely adorable, so I’d definitely recommend reading both novels. Actually, just read the whole series.

Thank you for reading!

Have you read Claire Kingsley before? Are you interested in giving her a shot? To learn more about her and get in contact, join her interactive Facebook Group! I’m in there, and I freaking love it! It’s such a supportive group with awesome fellow romance readers.

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