Looking for ARC readers!!

Hello, lovely readers and writers!

I am looking for ARC readers for my next release, Escape. This novel has some dark elements to it, but it’s mostly sweet and sexy. The category can be split between new adult or contemporary, depending on if you believe the ages of the characters decipher that. It’s a journey with a few twists and turns that’ll leave you feeling hopeful.

At the bottom of this post, there’s a sign-up sheet that I would love for you to fill out so I can prepare for who will be receiving these ARCs through their email! The release date is July 20th and the ARC will be sent out a week before the date!


Escape_ A Romance Novel (1)

She saved my life. She’s breathtaking and mysterious. I want to know everything about her, but she keeps me at arm’s length. I’ll do whatever it takes to win her over.


I’m not a religious man, but I have to thank God for sending this beautiful angel to my rescue. She’s perfect. Better than any dream girl I could ever imagine. The way Leah’s breathtaking eyes catch mine could bring a man to his knees. I’d write a thousand songs about those eyes. I have to find a way to make her mine.


He doesn’t know the truth. I could never tell him, or he’d never want to see me again. In order to be with him, I have to escape my past and my pain. I could run away with Nick and forget it all in his arms. I can pretend to be someone worthy of him.

** Escape: A Romance Novel is a standalone dark romance filled with tense, sexy, and hopeful moments. 18+ required as there are explicit sex scenes. Guaranteed HEA.**



Green eyes. The beautiful woman who sang in my dreams has green eyes. She blinks, staring down at me with a frightened look. Soft freckles are spread across her rosy cheeks, and her blonde hair falls over her face. Those big pink lips part in surprise as she realizes I’m awake. I’m alive. She surprisingly makes me feel more alive than I’ve ever known. Who is she? Why am I here?

The beautiful woman backs away. No. Come back. I want to speak, but my throat is dry. Too dry for words as I try to reach out and grab her, but my body is too weak. She walks away from me and out into the hall, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I scan the room around me, taking in the fact that I’m in the hospital. Everything’s painfully white as the open window causes bright sunlight to pour in. The loud beeping of the machines blends with the birds chirping outside, and it’s odd, unsettling.

Letting out a sigh, I sit up on the bed as best I can since my leg is elevated in a cast, and I lean my cloudy head back against the frumpy pillow. My eyes blink slowly, sweeping across the rest of the room until the hint of blonde hair returns. Standing near the wall, she makes eye contact with me for a moment, but only for a moment before her focus goes to the floor. An older nurse comes into the room after her.

The nurse gives me a timid smile before approaching my bedside with a glass of water. “Morning, Mr. Sharp. You’re at the Seton Medical Center in Austin, Texas. You came in pretty late last night. How are you feeling?”

I take a second to blink before accepting the glass from her and taking a big sip through the little straw. I clear my throat with a cough before answering, “Okay… I guess.”

Her head tilts to the side, her lips lifting into a small smile. “What do you remember?”

I shrug. My head pounds as I groan, rubbing my temples as I try to think back. “Riding my bike.”

“That’s all?”

“Yeah.” My gaze shifts from her to the beautiful girl in the corner. Her arms are crossed over her chest as she stares at the floor. “What happened?”

“You were hit by a car,” the nurse says seriously. “You got bruised pretty bad, and your leg is broken in three places.”

My head nudges in the direction of my guest, ignoring the terrifying information as I attempt to piece everything together. “Who’s she?”

The nurse, looking about as confused as I feel, glances back at the woman, who now appears panicked. “She said she was your girlfriend. You don’t know her?” Shit. I wish she were my girlfriend. I shake my head. The nurse’s eyes darkened before she turns on the girl. “You lied?”

The mystery woman from my dreams shrugs, her voice sounding like honey as she speaks. “I had to know if he was okay, and you wouldn’t let me inside.”

“Why’d you need to know I was okay?” I ask, my voice hoarse. “Did you see the accident?”

Slowly, she nods. “Couldn’t just leave you there,” she whispers, looking away.

The nurse lets out a huff, turning her body away from mine and stalking over to the woman. “You need to leave. What you did is completely illegal and inappropriate. I’ll call security—”

“Don’t,” I hear myself say. The nurse stops and turns back to me, confused. “She can stay.”

The nurse glances back and forth between us before she just shakes her head. “Fine. Okay.” She returns to my side then hands me a clipboard with paperwork to fill out. “Your mom has been notified on where you are. She said she’ll try to get here as soon as she can, but she’s—”

“In Korea, I know.”

She nods. “Your sister hasn’t gotten back to us yet, but we’ll keep trying. A call from your phone might reach her better.”

My head moves up and down. “Thank you.”

She gives me a kind smile. “Your doctor will be with you in a few minutes. He’ll explain what happened and what we were able to do with limited consent from you.”

I nod again. “Thank you.” She pats my forearm before turning away and giving Corner Girl a look as she stalks past her and out the door.

Mystery’s eyes connect with mine again, and I feel a surge of energy rush through my body. I could write a million songs about those beautiful forest-green eyes. “What’s your name?”

She looks down, messing with the hem of her ratty, old white shirt. Her delicate hands and small fingers are magical, putting me under her spell. The way she tugs at the fabric is mesmerizing. It’s possible everything about her is mesmerizing. I’m not sure yet. She finally breathes out a name—”Leah.”

Leah. Leah. Leah. Such a beautiful name. Beautiful Leah with dark green eyes and sexy pink lips. Leah with natural platinum-blonde hair and dark eyebrows. Leah, whose freckles flutter across her beautiful creamy skin. I want to know more about Leah.


She nods. “Wish I could say it was nice to meet you, but…you know.”

“What happened? Did you see?”

She shrugs, still looking away. “Hit and run.” She blinks as a tear falls from her eye. Wow. This woman doesn’t even know me, and she’s crying over what she saw. Did I look that bad when she rescued me? “I thought you were dead,” she says quietly, sending a surge of fear down my spine.

“Well, I’m not,” I assure her—and myself—attempting to sound confident. Her eyes flit back up to mine. They’re still a little watery. “I’m okay now. Because of you. Thank you.”

She gives a single nod, her bottom lip disappearing behind her straight white teeth. I motion for her to come closer. Hesitating before taking a few tentative steps in my direction, she stops once she gets to the foot of my bed. “I’m glad you’re okay,” she says with a forced smile that doesn’t reach her eyes. “I’m sure your sister’s coming soon. I should go.”

No. “Please don’t go. Not until you promise to let me repay you.”

She’s quick to shake her head, claiming it isn’t necessary and anyone would have done it.

“No, really. Please, let me make it up to you. You stayed by my side and even lied to the hospital staff just to make sure I was okay. The least I could do would be to buy you dinner.”

Her body freezes. Am I coming on too strong? It’s an ordinary gesture, right? Not too much. People pay for each other’s dinner all the time.

She glances around the room again, letting out a long sigh. “Okay. Give me your number. I’ll call you.”

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