Wild Card by Karina Halle

Hello, readers and writers!

This novel had been sitting in my TBR pile for a while. It’s not a new release as it came out August of last year, but I’ve been wanting to read it ever since I read Maverick a few months ago, before even starting this blog!

I had already bought this one and Hot Shot back then but hadn’t gotten a chance to really sit down and read them until now! Hot Shot’s review will be coming out next week as I read them both back to back and couldn’t stop myself!

Sorry for all the exclamation points!! I just really loved the series.

Wild Card: A North Ridge Novel by Karina Halle



Rachel has found herself back in her hometown. The one place in her life she never wanted to return, but she has no other choice. Her mother needs her help, no matter how stubbornly she claims she doesn’t. Rachel has to be there for her and forget the demons of their past from so many years ago. Reasons she’s steered totally clear of ever returning back to the town that ripped her heart apart. The worst part of it all is having to deal with Shane, her ex-boyfriend and only love of her life. He scarred her heart worse than the physicals scars she already held. But none of that seems to stop her heart from racing out of control when he’s around.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Obviously, Rachel’s dad. There are some troubling parts in this novel involving the father and I was definitely not prepared for it, but the storyline was amazing through it all. I, of course, just hated that character so much.
  • Rachel’s mother had some rough times in the novel as well. They’re working on issues in the past, but her mom doesn’t seem to be working very hard and pissed me off at some points.

What I Liked:

  • The consistency of the story was great. I kept worrying that Rachel’s life was going to somehow get worse, but the steady pace of her getting her life together as we got flashes from her horrific past was excellent.
  • The sex scenes were definitely intense, as always with Karina Halle. Shane moved a little fast, but it worked for the story and I understood his need to be with Rachel again. He’s a super sexy hero.
  • Everything that happened in the novel made sense logically, and I’m glad for that. I get annoyed with unnecessary drama and, although this story was very dramatic, I believed every character’s motives and rooted for different people throughout.


Awesome read and a great start to the series. I would definitely recommend it! Since I already read Maverick a few months ago, my review of it wouldn’t be fresh so I probably won’t be doing a review at this time, but Hot Shot will be coming out next week! I definitely recommend all three!

Thanks for reading!

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