Breakaway by A.M. Johnson

Hey, fellow readers and writers!

This Sunday I’m reviewing a novel from a new author for me! I’ve never read anything by A.M. Johnson even though she’s been mentioned in one of my favorite Facebook Groups (Alpha Ever After) multiple times. A book club event was held online for this particular novel so I read it in order to participate.

Sadly, final projects and tests for school got in the way so I couldn’t finish it in time, but I enjoyed reading the novel so much, and I look forward to reading more from Johnson in the future!

Breakaway (The Rule Book Collection) by A.M. Johnson



It was one night. A night that changed Stevie’s life forever, making her realize there was more to life than sticking it out with a husband who never tried to see her for who she was. Mark’s eyes matched with hers and he saw what was inside. It marked him and became something he couldn’t easily forget, especially her loyalty to the promise she had made to someone else. That was then, and this is now. There are no promises keeping them apart. Nothing restraining the heat and chemistry they have for one another. But is it enough?

What I Didn’t Like:

  • A lot of Stevie’s self-image problems bothered me in the first half of the novel. I understood where her character was coming from, though, since she hadn’t felt appreciated in her marriage in a long time. I could see a real woman being bothered by those things, but it just bothered me how self-deprecating she was. I wanted her to have more confidence which she did later gain in the novel.

What I Liked:

  • Mark Carmello was dreamy as hell! A sexy professional athlete with a big heart and plenty of affection to go around? Yes, please. I think most girls love the idea of being wrapped up in big, strong arms where they know they’ll always be safe. Super dream-worthy.
  • Stevie’s loyalty to all the characters in the novel. She was always true to herself, even when it came to her enemies. I loved how she was never catty and that she approached each situation logically with kindness. We all definitely need to take some conflict-resolution tips from her.
  • The flow of their relationship was wonderful throughout the novel. Everything seemed to fit just right, and their big conflict toward the end didn’t seem overly dramatic or as if it came out of nowhere. The progression of their relationship made sense and was great to experience.


Definitely, give this novel a try! It’s so awesome to try out a new author for the first time and just completely fall in love with their work. Johnson’s way with words had me overly jealous as I wished I could write as well as she does. I would 100% recommend this to any contemporary romance lovers out there!

Thanks for reading!

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