Dirty Deeds by Stella Rhys

Hello, readers and writers!

Since I’ve been feeling better, I’ve been able to get a lot of reading done. I’ve had a packed TBR list for months so I’m finally sifting through and creating these posts which are coming out a week at a time. Most of these aren’t “new” anymore, but they’re all books I’ve been interested in and most are written by authors I already have a strong love for in my heart.

So now I’ve just finished reading Stella Rhys! This is the final installment in her most recent series, and it was a very captivating read. In the past, I thought her sex scenes were the best thing about her writing, but now I’ve seen how much she’s grown in starting this series and I haven’t been disappointed since!

Dirty Deeds (Irresistible Book 3) by Stella Rhys


Aly has spent her entire adult life trying to prove to everyone she doesn’t need Emmet Hoult in her life. After he has been shoved down her throat for most of her childhood, she couldn’t wait to move on with her life completely without him.

Until now. Aly’s desperate for a place to live and his summer home is the only place available. But it’s fine. She can make it a few months in his home, as long as she doesn’t have to see his stupid, privileged face all summer.

What I Didn’t Like:

  • In the synopsis, they make it seem as if Emmet is way worse of a person than he really is and then they continue to perpetuate that stigma throughout the novel. There are things he’s done in her past that I wouldn’t forgive, overlook, or even romanticize in the way they seem to.

What I Liked:

  • Rhys is an absolute pro at writing sex scenes. It’s a huge reason of why I love reading her novels, especially since she adds plenty of heart as well! The sex scenes in this novel are plentiful and hot as hell. Be prepared if you’re going to give this novel a try.
  • Emmet turned out to be a total sweetheart. I was afraid after reading the synopsis that he was going to be an awful person, but he wasn’t. He was totally my type of sweet hero without fear of committing to the heroine.


I definitely enjoyed it. I loved Emmett and supported their relationship through it all. Most of Aly’s actions were dignified in and explained so nothing seemed overdramatic or unrealistic. The only unrealistic part being the millionaire stuff, but we, of course, know that’s super common in romance novels.

Thanks for reading!

Want to find more of Rhys’s books? Check out her Amazon profile and get started on the Irresistible series!! She has a Facebook, Twitter, and mailing list!

Until next time! Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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