How This Semester of College Has Influenced My Online Presence

Hey, readers and writers!

I’m doing an extra post this week because it’s required for my class to get it out as soon as possible so I’m pushing it up on the publishing schedule. This week I’ll be talking about the different tools used in my Digital & Online Media class this semester and how it’s influenced who I am online.

Of course, technically, I’m still me online. Normally, I wouldn’t inform others of what I have going on in my life because I can be a private person, but attempting to have some type of online presence that’s successful assumes I would be sharing personal parts of myself. I’m slowly learning what’s expected of me and how I should be approaching social media.

Effective tools I used this semester:

  • Adding a photo and each and every post. I know they have the information online, but my previous experience with blogging had never involved original photos. It was nice to focus on capturing moments in my life and documenting them in a way that’s been effective.
  • Types of required content helped me think of blogging in a new way. Once again, all information can be found online, but I hadn’t thought much about featuring other blogs or writers online. It’s such an amazing way to promote others in the same industry and learn more about them through research.
  • Creating the video for my interview with an artist was seriously so much fun. I had an exact vision in my head once the video idea was presented in class and I enjoy interviewing one of my good friends. I hope to do future interviews with other artists and writers!

Next steps for improvements:

  • The next step for me is promoting my next book. I’m going through some new experiences, such as hiring a professional editor for the first time. I’ll enjoy documenting those experiences for any other aspiring writers who are interested and I’ll also begin sharing excerpts, quotes, and an ARC sign-up sheet for my second novel! I’m so excited.
  • Future posts will still continue with similar themes I’ve done so far. Updates on my life, writing, work in progress, and social media relationships. I’ll be looking for other blogs to promote as well as continue writing book reviews. I think those come most naturally to me.

Professional uses for these tools:

  • This is what I want to do with my life. I want to write. Whether it be completely for myself or be hired to write for others, I just want writing to be the main part of what I do. I’m also enjoying the whole website aspect a lot and I want to learn more about it. If I could help people manage their online presence as well as keep working on my personal projects, I’ll be very happy.

Website Stats:

  • Since starting this website late January of 2018, I have made 20 posts, had 350 views, 189 visitors. My best day for views was March 30th, and my best day for likes was April 23rd. Altogether, I’ve surprised 100 likes on my posts, and I’m excited to watch it grow.
  • My most popular post so far has been my selfie progression post from Monday. I thought people would have no interest in looking at pictures of me, but people really seemed to love it. Makes me want to share more of myself on this blog.

Social Media Stats:

  • I reach 1,000 followers on Twitter this semester, and I’m super excited about that. I’ve never been so popular on a social media site before, even if I don’t get too many favorites or retweets. It’s nice to at least have a list of people who are listening. I will listen in return.
  • I have about 70 followers on my Instagram I started last month. I’ve been enjoying finding things to photograph each day and discovering what’s really important to me in those moments. Too often I let days pass without any type of documentation on how great or terrible it was.

Essentially, I’ve had a great semester. There were some ups and downs, especially involving my health, but I feel I’ve been able to finish strong. I only have two summer sessions and the fall semester left before graduation! Most of my classes will be for my major and minor so I’ll be learning things I can use in the “real world.”

Thank you for reading!

If you made it all the way through to here, I really appreciate your time. I hope you found any of this information useful to yourself and maybe have some excitement about what’s to come.

Don’t forget, I have an InstagramTwitter, Facebook page and group, and an email subscription list with an awesome newsletter!

Until next time! 🙂 Have fun reading and writing!

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