Selfie Progression of 2018 – Life Update

Hey, guys!

So today I’ll be sharing some personal photos with all of you. These photos happen to be selfies as I’ve taken to adding more of them after creating my Instagram account. I’ve felt it was important to take a photo each day, and sometimes that means simply taking a photo of myself, especially on big days.

Here we go:

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Here’s the first photo I took once I created my Instagram account. You can find this same photo on my home page with some more info about me and this site, if you’re not familiar.

I felt it was important to take a new selfie for a new chapter in my life, so I snapped a shot really quick. I’m wearing one of my favorite items of clothing, a poncho my dad bought me in Mexico. I’m very tired in this photo, but I think I look genuinely happy and ready to start taking my social media presence much more seriously!




This was a big day for me and I had wanted to capture the moment for Instagram. This picture is another I took on the second try since I wanted to capture the real moment.

That morning I had registered for classes for the very last time, meaning I only have the summer and fall semesters left before a December graduation, and I’m so excited for it.

I’d also just gotten off the phone with an internship I’d been communicating with for a month before and they really seemed to like me. At this moment, I’m ready for the future and what it has in store for me.



It’s spring in Texas, and my dog enjoys going out almost all day. On days like this, I really wish my boyfriend and I lived in a house instead of an apartment. I can understand Cowboy wanting to be outside all day since it’s beautiful, but I can’t spend all day walking him around on his leash.

I snapped this picture on a day when we went out every hour on the hour. Luckily, I was at home and able to take him. Usually, I’m always at school and work so I wanted to take advantage of the moment.



This was a rough day for me. I felt that I should have been happy since the end of the semester was coming up, and I’d found an editor who wanted to work with me just a few days before. On this particular morning, though, I’d traveled to a different town for a doctor’s appointment, only to find out I’d had the time wrong and was an hour late.

I still wanted a reward for my efforts, so I stopped at a place in my town called Teapioca and got myself a Frapioca with Tapioca. I didn’t necessarily deserve it, but I needed it to get through that day.



Yes, I know, I’ve progressively moved more and more out of the frame, but that’s simply because selfies aren’t really my thing. I’m doing it for social media purposes, but I’ve never been a big person to document everything happening in my life.

I took this photo when my editor returned his first round of edits back to me. I was excited to have new life brought into a project that’s taken so much from me over the last year. I want confidence in myself and my work to grow as I finish out my current WIP and move on to other things I have planned.

Thanks for reading and staring at pictures of myself!

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