What Does Romance Mean to an Artist? (Interview)

Hello, romance lovers!

Today, I’ll be posting a video I made for my Digital & Online Media class where I had to interview someone in relation to the content I have here on my blog. I decided to interview my bestie, Emily Penhollow, because she is a hopeless romantic like me.

Instead of expressing that feeling through writing (as I’ve been known to do), Emily expresses her desire for love and romance through her paintings. They say a picture speaks a thousand words, and I can verify that Emily’s art speaks volumes about what she’s feeling deep inside.

Watch the Interview Here:

Close-up Photos of Emily’s Art:

In the video, you’ll notice she references a mannequin she’s been painting for a while. Here are some close-up photos of those images that represent love. One of the paintings is of a skeleton intimidating a woman below. Not sure how romantic it is, but definitely sexually charged and beautiful.


What Else You Need To Know About Emily:

  • She’s a student at Texas State University like me. She’s getting a degree in general studies as she loves theater, communications, and mass communications.
  • Makeup is another specialty of hers as she enjoys the painting of faces. Mastering the art of makeup is a task most people don’t realize as we see it so often.
  • She’s also a photographer, currently building her portfolio so she can make a career out of something she loves.
  • She enjoys audio books much more than actually reading so she can paint or move around the apartment while enjoying a novel.

Thanks for reading!

Did you watch the video? What did you think? What about of Emily’s art?

Want more ways to get in touch with Emily and view more of her pieces? She’s very on Instagram, so follow her here.

As always, you can find me on Instagram, Twitter, my Facebook page and group, or my email subscription list with an awesome monthly newsletter!

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