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It’s spring, and guess what?

The birds are chirping, the bugs are returning, and my dog won’t stop whining to go outside. Yikes! Looks like it’s spring, and it’s time for some spring cleaning for my online presence. Please do not make fun of the fall season in my featured photo because I really just loved the template, thank you.

So far in 2018, I have had a very rough year. I have multiple chronic issues which decided to attack me all at once. I became incredibly sick for about 12 weeks before I finally started recovering about two weeks ago. Now I’m returning to the real world and preparing for the spring semester from hell to finally end.

The biggest issue with my health struggles this semester was that I was so excited about my classes:

  • I signed up for my last core class — Meteorology (a random science to fill my requirements), but sadly I had to drop because of my sickness. I’d missed too many classes and there was no way I could catch up. Science is already a subject I struggle with and I’ve failed this class before.
  • I also signed up for Media Writing which is an excellent class. I’m learning a lot about journalism and content writing that I know I will continue to use in my career after graduation.
  • I’m enrolled in Digital and Online Media which has given me the opportunity to start this blog in the first place, and I have been encouraged to branch out in other social media platforms.
  • And finally, Editing. I was so freaking excited for this class, but alas, my teacher is very old and has difficulty teaching or remembering what he’s doing. No hate from me, but I’m still struggling significantly to get back on task in this class (especially when he seems to have 0 pity for how sick I’ve been).

Besides the science, this is the first semester in my college career where all of my classes are exactly what I’m going to need for the future, and I was so excited. Falling behind due to sickness was not ideal, but that’s okay. I can make a fresh start once the summer sessions hit and then fall 2018 will be my last semester!!

Graduation: here I come!

Blog Spring Cleaning

Weekly Schedule

Now that it’s a new season with drastically different weather (at least, for us in Central Texas), I’m ready to turn a new leaf. This weekend, I’ve already added two new social media to my life: Instagram and Pinterest. I’m looking into Goodreads groups (please suggest any for romance novels/writers if you know any) and I’m taking advantage of Facebook groups as well.

My blog will begin to have more of a schedule with themes as I’m realizing how behind my book reviews will become if I continue to post only once a week. Look forward to two – to – three posts a week from now on unless I become drastically sick again or have to leave for vacation. I will try to always have things queued up, but for any other sickos out there, we know that’s not always possible.

What would I like from you?

Connection! I’m totally looking for fellow readers and writers to support. I’ll continue to search, but feel free to reach out as well. I’m interested in getting to know others in the industry who enjoy the same things as me. Writing is such a solitary activity that it can sometimes be hard to find others who are openly into the craft and will want to talk/obsess over it.

Thanks for reading!! Special thanks to The Golden Spoons for some awesome blog post ideas!

Do you like the adorable graphic I made?

  • Dog = my dog
  • Trees = spring
  • Books and laptop = I’m sure you get it

Follow me on any of my social media pages, or leave a comment if you’d like. I’m working on a badass email list with a cool newsletter, so sign up if you want to be a part of it.

Until next time! Enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

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